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  1. With all due respect such an idea is flawed, for one it is heaven for them cunt owners at udt etc......you either land in top 4 or win the CL or EL, otherwise no entrance should happen, thats merit mate. Just because you hav done well in CL does not mean you get a free ride. Uefa's proposal is horseshit.
  2. Im confused now, your saying if WH end at 4th and udt at 6th, and if udt have performed better through that said season then they are deserving of getting CL though they ended at 6th? If so then its favourism.
  3. Something tells me he wont give a rats ass........right Voorhees?
  4. I dont care, in what world does udt deserve CL if they end up 6th place? Thats not merit, thats favourism. If they can adjust ESL the right way so we can bypass cunts like uefa and sky etc then so be it. Uefa has to watch out here, you won this time but dont push it too far or you will most def lose out this time around.
  5. What kind of BS is this? No merit then just like ESL. Uefa.....disgusting and inept as always
  6. Sky BT etc all scum, bent, biased yet they think we cant see it. I hope to live to see them burn.
  7. Sadly alot of fakers out there, bandwagonism. Uefa is just as awful as those ringleaders behind ESL, they should be shown not 1 ounce of leniency.
  8. Who gives a rats ass what they think, counts for nothing.....we know what we are.
  9. So your American buddies failed with their endeavour so you wanna pull a fast one here.......joking of course. Dont expect this thread to explode though
  10. Disgusted by DM, not one article how we pulled out first and the rest followed suit. Instead they are calling shik Mansour the svaiour of footy lmao.........go spit DM.
  11. Kova much needed, fuck the injuries man
  12. TT better smash some sense into them, 3pts is a must
  13. He is but we cant fuck around no more......and dont jynx either
  14. Lets hope man, we cant drop pts anymore, not a friendly no more
  15. Come'on Chels dont you dare fuck this up
  16. I wonder why he left...probably knew the fans would sow him a new one. Chels domino effect in full effect
  17. Proper mate, and good on RA to shut this shit down.......look at the other clubs ffs pulling out mins after we went out, whatever our pride has been restored and who knows maybe now we will get some credit in the media. I just hope the media remembers whom it was that instigated this mess, make them suffer. We were not the ringleaders.
  18. THey wont mate, maybe later when their fans do what we just did. We pulled out first......good enough in my book
  19. Be proud folks, no matter how ugly it got we are still the first to pull out.......awesome just awesome. Now let them American owners drown in sorrow
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