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  1. we need to go shopping, badly.
  2. Yeah, That was a while ago here. Its all slowly coming apart. Unless ofc this new deltacron doesnt wipe us all out!!!
  3. I posted this earlier in the thread but happy see others have picked up on this. As soon as this was released I had to keep refreshing old NewsNow waiting for the hit articles and the chin wagging head shakers to pull the pin and engage in some classic smearing to quell this fire. It's nuts. Only time the docs come out and say stuff like this is when it's THEIR jobs on the line however it was a big move to speak up to another poxy health sec. Could even be a stunt to start the backtrack, wouldn't want to pillage the coffers too long n all that.
  4. India is one place the media wants to ignore. They have a region with a population the size of the entire US where COVID has completely disappeared. No vaccines they've only been given out packs which include treatments like ivermectin etc. Turmeric is also very interesting and it's implications. The Vax and pregnancy/women's health is really sketchy ATM. If it was my gf and we wanted a child I would be very wary of having her get vaccinated with mRNA. Changing the cellular make up of overies is being seen and is another red flag.
  5. Which masks we talking about? Its literally scientific fact masks dont work, Even n95's resperator would work and like youve probs seen in the media, hazmats the rest will not prevent airbourne infections Read the papers, Not here to keyboard battle, just a fun fact.
  6. Im not anti Vax and no I'm not, I'm in my thirties. 90yr olds have the flu vaccine which is completely different and guess what, they change it every year and more people die from flu and it's knock on effects than Rona. Wtf lol I have a PhD in bilology and half of that covers virology. I've had many vaccines More men under 48 died from drug overdose in 2021 than Rona, In the US it was like 100,000. Here's another fun fact: Of those who died from Rona, The average co mobility rate was 4. That's right on average people had 4 co mobility's i.e things that could easily ki
  7. You say facts but cherry pick some and ignore others. vaccines yes but no vaccine should now need a 4th and counting dose to be 70% effective for 10weeks. Look into how big pharma conducted their trials, Its wild and fact from the courts encorage the debate and ALL facts.
  8. I just assume they do for the away fans and what nots, Christ knows with all the extra rules since rona
  9. Does anyone know if its POD? If so some posters on here who are in london should attend! ive got a spare ticket if anyone wants it. 3-0 to Chelsea im going for.
  10. Exactly what they said about OGS. That club is now officially a joke.
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