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  1. Courtois Azpi - Chris - Rudiger Moses - Cesc - Kante - Emerson Willian - Giroud - Hazard Hopefully.
  2. He returned to training with the group two weeks ago, he posted it on instagram I think. He just said it too in the interview with CTV so he's fit to play.
  3. He reminds me of Giggs. Amazing close control, can go pass people with ease, top vision,etc...
  4. I can see my boy pocketing Messi home and away. N'golo to eat Leo.
  5. Yep, don't think Perez is interested by him.
  6. http://www.onzemondial.com/etranger/272443-exclu-mag-313-chelsea-eden-hazard-si-dans-ton-boulot-tu-es-le-patron-tu-bouges-toi When you read this interview in french, it's so obvious he wants to go to Madrid this summer.
  7. As things stand, if we finish first we could draw Basel, Juve, Sevilla, Bayern, Real Madrid, Shaktar and Porto, three big teams out of seven. If we finish second the only possibilties are PSG, Barcelona and Besiktas because all the PL Clubs are first.
  8. Namika


    I would take him instead of Baka and Drinkwater in our 352 formation.
  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/03/12/eden-hazard-antonio-conte-fantastic-privilege-play/ For now Hazard is only “thinking in the present”. “In 10 years if I don’t win the World Cup or the Euros or the Champions League and I make a great career then, for me, that’s no problem,” he says. Disappointing. He should have higher standards.
  10. Courtois Zouma - Luiz - Ake Moses - Cesc - Kante - Alonso/Kenedy Pedro - Costa - Hazard
  11. Sanchez, Mendy and Bakayoko would be an amazing summer.
  12. RWB ? Why ? I quite like Moses there. LWB more important imo, someone more mobile than Alonso.
  13. Messi, Neymar, CR7, Bale/Suarez/Griezmann
  14. Go all out for him, that's a signing who could get us to a CL final. Hazard - Costa - Sanchez is right up there in european football. Sanchez, CM/LB and we can go to Kiev in 2018.
  15. James Rodriguez is a top class player, just below the Eden/Neymar/Bale class, look at his World Cup or his first year under Carlo with Madrid.
  16. Noticia de #ElLarguero | JAMES RODRÍGUEZ está MÁS CERCA que nunca de IRSE del Real Madrid cadenaser.com/programa/2016/… What are we waiting for ?
  17. CL Final will be his last game. Written in the stars. What a way to say goodbye it would be... He deserve something like that.
  18. http://gianlucadimarzio.com/news-cat/dallazzurro-al-blue-antonio-conte-e-un-futuro-british-ce-lui-in-pole-per-il-dopo-hiddink/ Conte is close.
  19. http://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Didier-drogba-arrete-sa-carriere/621982 What a career. Top 3 best african player of all time. Hopefully he'll make a great coach.
  20. Will be so interesting. Can't wait to play them, by the time we face each other, we would have played 2 times against United and one time against Arsenal, it will be a great indicator of where we are. If our players play at their best level, don't see why we couldn't compete with them.
  21. We can get top 4, a great run of results and we'll be there.
  22. http://gianlucadimarzio.com/news-cat/chelsea-possibile-un-ritorno-di-shevchenko-la-situazione/ What the fuck
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