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  1. Kante and RLC for Jorginho & Barkley early in the second half
  2. If height is the case, why the hell we played with Pedro, Willian, Hazard upfront, without Giroud?!
  3. I can get by with Alonso in starting XI just to rest Emerson before Bournemouth, on the other hand Emerson dont play much this season, so fatigue shouldnt be the option. Anyway, just play Emerson in next PL match...
  4. Pre-season is not a league football, its complete different thing. Keep calm, for now we're playing one game-a-week, and there's no need to rotate so much, there will be Europa League, League Cup etc. Think if he's get 10-15 apperances this season (off the bench & in starting lineup) it'll be quite good experience for him.
  5. Zieliński is a great talent. He has good vision and passing, he reminds me a bit of Iniesta, I love his passes from the back off the field to penalty area. That being said, I think he's not ready to be a first team playmaker for CFC who we need.
  6. Where you get this prices from? I doubt that Bayern let go Lewa for 70m, think that they prefer to stick with him more than sell for less than 100m, Rummenigge implied that multiple times. Also I'm very skeptical about Moses as fullback.
  7. It was 20 minutes? If so he made an instant impact i think. He's good to go even for about 60min, but to give him a little more extra time might be a smart move Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  8. Pedro, Willian isnt world class imo. But thats right - Courtois, Kante, Azpilicueta - their are among the bests on theirs position, So I think that is what makes them world class. Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  9. Maybe, maybe not. I know Marcos isnt world beater, but he's solid. Dont know if Laxalt is better than him, but definitely got potential to be.
  10. Exactly! He's young, solid, looks like fitting for our formation. We need some backup for Marcos Alonso and Lexalt could be the answer. Maybe in few years he would establish himself as first team player. I would be happy if we get him in january. Wysłane z mojego ALE-L21 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  11. Yeah, thats unfortunate... But fuck it, we're still 6 points clear
  12. Dont understand intetion of your post at all. Please take it down for me Blue Lyon.
  13. Yesterday in the late stage of the match he get into tight space vs Sunderlands goalkeeper and defender in they box. He lost the ball and like I said there was very liitle space, defender worked with his hands etc. Costa smiled and just get away from there. Loved that! Its now 10 games in a row nie without a card for him.
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