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  1. Still far superior to any player in league at time.
  2. He had one of the best midfielders in the country with Mount and he is having a center bac who is now with AC Milan that might have helped.
  3. You should support the team win or lose not when dey are winning stuff and not act like little girl boo hoo if not winning trophy.
  4. Can we just say what we really think the guy is rubbish end of the story make excuse or over analyse bottom line he is shit.
  5. Ok he have difficult start at CFC but potential there now coming through and to say him better than Abraham in any position is how you say under statement.
  6. I agree to much football making players stale.
  7. Y not just say he is not good enough instead of long posting ha ha.
  8. Abraham level is Crystal Palace not Chelsea or any top four team might be good enough for Spurs dough ha ha.
  9. He came on 87 minute how can he look good ha ha
  10. Simone is not even one trick pony he is trickless pony ha ha so funny
  11. Go through squad many players out of form when TT come. Kepa, Pulisic, Kante, Werner, Havertz, Alonso, Zylech, Rudiger, Chilwell, people are expecting it to slot into place straightway are having a joke.
  12. Pulisic not same since cup final he go into his shell like tortoise he is not going to be player we hope he would be.
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