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  1. Signing on fee, betta wages, more high profile club, more sponshorship deals, more tv interviews and living in London better area, betta nite clubs etc etc.
  2. U said someone agree with you on Youtube as if that is relevant it's not much of a boast ha ha is this your wife ?
  3. Wow d majority have spoken you have so much anger get a girlfriend or boyfriend
  4. Quote of the century you have long wait guy for Spurs to be problem.
  5. If you refuse vaccine then go to hospital for example sprained wrist NHS should refuse you treatment. Multi generational households who refuse vaccine are ticking timebombs.
  6. Werner play well in semi final because Walker not play.
  7. They care about foodbanks because ther is so many of them now thanks to Conservativs. Before I join forum I look at other Chelsea ones I read but not join Shed you are man called Dixon who get banned for racist commenting yes ?
  8. You are very angry young mann u should take the pill to chill you're always serious. Did you say you were a volunteer for who because you have anger issues I hope it's notThe Samaritans
  9. Quote from Guardian a bout BLM event being cancel. Tensions spiralled. By 11 June Lydney town council withdrew its support for the event, forcing it to be cancelled. A letter from the then mayor, Walter Leach, underlined its point three times that “All Lives Matter”, apparently unaware that it is a slogan malevolently used by the far right to denigrate anti-racism movements. A circus ensued. Councillor Zac Arnold resigned, objecting that the council had “ripped away the human right of everyone to peacefully protest”. Lydney town council faced an immediate backlash.
  10. No man is jinx and Chelsea keeping him in job. Cup final, they had terrible run and beating us at Christmas and the same last week.
  11. U have to much time on your hands to make long list sir
  12. How many years ago was that . If example Haaland has choice of Man City or Chelsea and both agree wage who he choose is obvious.
  13. Dodgy eyesight from blinkered views ha ha I am laughing.
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