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  1. Wow a lefty lesbian who talks about peoples rights uses a word like that to comment on a football match just wow. Would you use a word like that on Twitter I am doubting it. That's the last time you can claim the moral high ground on this forum ever.
  2. Says guy who has name of Liverpool's best player since Daglish who always scores against Chelsea and played for us a handful of times . But please elaborate on how Bournemouth are a bigger team than Newcastle and Villa
  3. Are you high you think these clubs are smaller than Bournemouth. . Brentford on par with them but Villa and Newcastle you are not serious. And he turned down Celtic cause they are shit and going backwards anyone can see that is why they got an Aussie no mark in charge of them.
  4. Name a manager who has done a better job at small club. Scottish football is joke so I suppose in football terms Celtic is small job.
  5. I agree he gets small team promoted no money to spend has to buy at lower end of market and played in Conference stadium yet got Bournemouth promoted and kept them up for couple of seasons. Look where likes of Sunderland, Forest, Sheff Wed, Derby etc bigger clubs who have gone in the opposite direction. Some fans on here need lesson in humility laughing at smaller clubs like they are irrelevant and their managers like Howe should get more respect for job they do. I'm not fan of Dyche but he also do remarkable job for money he has.
  6. Conte won't last young at United he is two year manager before it all goes wrong usually with him falling out with everyone.
  7. I have issues a guy who's name is One Mo Salah and won't change it cause he thinks it's ironic
  8. So he lasted a week as me and @Warning_Hazard said he would where's @OneMoSalah who said they would take their time . I think saying is jump before pushed.
  9. Declan Rice only player from England team in Euro's playing well for club rest either out of form or tired including Mount.
  10. Bruce out end of the game if they lose you know it you can't deny it will happen this week.
  11. 3-1 at half time not that intimidating so far mate And Spurs up to 5th if they win
  12. Biggest problem for me is refs have big egos like players and strive on controversy so expect shit decision against us tomorrow. Refs have books out when retire who wants to read that rubbish.
  13. They won't be able to get top bill players that is obvious but they will be spending loads of money in Jan and basically forever after. Once they get established witch won't take long cause the top four are streets ahead they will be top six at least 21/22 and then they will attract better players
  14. That's ages isn't it . You have gone from saying it won't be knee jerk decision to one or two weeks. You know he's gone it's just a matter of days not weeks or months. They will buy big in Jan like I say maybe not bee top players but certainly better then the dross they have they could be bottom of league by weekend and could be firmly rooted to bottom three in Jan the fans won't have Bruce remain as manager they hate him almost as much as they hated Ashley.
  15. Again you overthink things Bruce will be gone within days and weather it's a caretaker or permanent manager it will happen sooner rather than later. You don't think like football fan but journalist or blogger Newcastle fans already sing anti Bruce songs new owners hear this on Sunday especially if they are loosing and think we are bottom of league no buys till Jan and with bad atmosphere with Bruce in charge why would they keep him ? You can forget about sustaniable model this is completely different the top four are good but rest of the league is average they might not win league next year bu
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