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  1. English cousin how you say take the piss I had no idea what it meant know finding it funny also told me about old English rhyme Chinese Japanese dirty knees what are these I have no idea what this means everyone else fall about laughing.
  2. But how would you know about local support apart from what you have read online I don't think that is personal it is general question ?
  3. Urban myth I no plenty of people who wnt to game first I am hearing of this perhaps just pub talk how you say get exagerate
  4. The expression is I believe is urban myrh sir I know many people who attened game first I am hearing of this.
  5. Yes am American knows the ins and outs of fans buying tickets for football/ soccer maybe try buying one yourself
  6. They have bad crowds agree but all clubs suffering including Arsenal. If they were playing bigger team it would have probably sold out I'm not sticking up for City just saying to use expression I like you have to cut your cloth and people spending less money on football will become more common.
  7. How many Chelsea games have you been too ?. Manchester is poor area people struggling with Covid and game not against big club people saving money have other things to spend money on football not important.
  8. That is true where I'm from football not big. But I don't believe you have support Chelsea for 20 years and I don't write posts saying terrible things about our players none of which are true. Buy the way also you hate on English national team calling Southgate clown despite getting England to semi final of WC and final of Euro's which is pretty good I feel.
  9. Terrible post all fans have player they are not keen on but this is like Mount is pub player but at TWENTY TWO is a Champion League Winner, player of the year, England regular and been at Chelsea since he was 10. You can't be Chelsea fan and hate someone this bad as I said to you before stick to FIFA.
  10. I am agreeing all sport change in 30 years an 18 year old Steffi Graf would not win a game against Emma Rad.
  11. Saul is not good enuff I swear down fam.
  12. Sorry I won't comment on members Big Willie.
  13. Apology please. I may hav said things wrong and to fellow fans I am sorry but I have never accused someone of being racist, called them a motherfucker, thick and a chav (I don't what is that) and you completeley lost your head when you were wrong about what I posted. Also I said Kups FC and you give lecture on nazis was completely irrational. That is last post from me until Saturday I have ticket for Villa game doubt your friend Radcliffe will be there as he's a tax exile Brexit guy.
  14. More abuse and if you read my post it was in answer to @Jype who is Finnish. You have completely made something about something it's not and it's borderline hate now it's uncalled for I have not said anything remotely racist you're making that up. Posted 20 hours ago How about Kups FC have they made any big signings ?
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