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  1. Why do we fear Bayer, Real? It is what it is. If we are strong, we beat them. If not, another time. That's a beauty of the game. Do we want a weak team to win? If we are not good, we will have to see where we should improve and in future we can see the better Chelsea. If we are not happy with current team and pray for a win, then we are always in frustation mode.
  2. Agreed. I don't come here often because of the negativity. I am not sure whether people are real fans.
  3. I like Barkley. I think he is a good player.
  4. I don't believe that the club should keep him at all costs. Yes, he fits well to the system. However, don't say that he is irreplaceable.
  5. Club needs him and He needs a good system to be a shining player. It should work both ways. Therefore, if he asks for too much we should let him go.
  6. I am happy that we extended Giroud's contract. Everybody has his own opinion. I like Giroud and I believe that he is useful in certain situations.
  7. Chelsea should sign a new contract with him. He deserved it. Think about it: why did we let Tomori go to Milan on loan if he was better than Christensen.
  8. Look to see how Real players attacked him
  9. Of all the possible options, Aguero is the best for Chelsea.
  10. Why we have not seen CHO in recent games? What happened?
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