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  1. Har, Puli, Mount ....good combination
  2. We should not use him for now. We do have other players that can perform better. Why stick with him?
  3. Totally agree with you. How many games Werner has proved that he could not score and he is still playing. Giround, Puli, etc. should wait in the line.
  4. Sure. With Tuchel's leadership, I don't think Puli can fit into the system.
  5. I think he is not in Tuchel's XI. Not now, not in the future.
  6. Puli played 180 mins in 3 days. Talking about injury, I think it is not fair to say he looks like the glass. Ziyech should be the concern, not Puli. He plays better and better in the game.
  7. Disagree. Who did threat Villa more?
  8. Good sub but cannot play the whole game. Not effective.
  9. CHO plays like shit. He is just a good sub.
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