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  1. Honestly with these average players rumoured, United officially signing Sancho and being linked to Camavinga, Goretzka and Varane will take a break from the transfer window because it's already pissing me off, hope we turn around but I don't trust Marina even with Cech around.
  2. Well done to the board, dedicated to all the Ziyech guys on here who pretended we got the better deal while this guy will kill it at United for the next century as we most likely will be searching for a Ziyech replacement next summer, another masterclass from Marina.
  3. If rumours about Rice and Lukacow are anything to go by it didn't, both of them are Tottenham level at maximum no matter how many people tell me Lukaku improved or Rice is anything but an average overhyped English mug.
  4. Another English team, maybe us? Just kidding we to busy dick ridding that mug Rice. Hope Goretzka signs a new contract if he goes to United I will be fuming.
  5. Tuchel and club priotizing quality over quantity and linked to Traore, Lukacow and Rice LOL Can't make this shit up.
  6. Hope Havertz destroys and tears Rice apart.
  7. Cech trying to save our summer.
  8. Got excited when I saw this thread bumped but sadly nothing, I really think he would explode in a better team than Atletico.
  9. Hope they let Kante shoot.
  10. Well United might replace him with someone just as good in a few years if they get Camavinga.
  11. You missed the mighty Drink and Barkley.
  12. Havertz: “Covid hit me hard. It lasted some four to five weeks before I could even think of getting back on to a football pitch. During the time I was ill, I was quite ill, to be honest. And I wish it upon absolutely no one.” Havertz: "Then the aftermath was difficult, too. I really had to work hard to get back to the pre-Covid fitness levels. You have to live with it. I haven't really explored London a lot or as much as I would have liked to.” Havertz: "It really is difficult to do any activities. You come home from training and are happy about every hour that you can spend inside
  13. Inter’s relationship with #Chelsea has soured over the last few weeks, and it’s currently unlikely the Blues would sell any of their players to the Italian champions. @tuttosport Lol
  14. It doesn't matter how athletic he is or how build he is for the PL, the guy is braindead in the final 3rd more so than Willian, there is only so much Tuchel can do to improve a player.
  15. Fuck Traore, give Livramento the place.
  16. Well Romano said we didn't put any official bid. I'm pretty sure we didn't put an official offer specifically because we knew of Hakimi's preference and would've been pointless regardless. Honestly I don't want to see Hakmi's name mentioned again and wish we move on because it hurts missing out on a player of his quality albeit maybe the money for him goes towards Haaland now but I have my doubts on that.
  17. Maybe worth a try in pre season but I think he is done at this club, rather have more faith in Barkley than him at this point.
  18. Bayern Munich are no longer pursuing a move for Callum Hudson-Odoi as they are unable to offer him the same salary as #Chelsea. @cc_eckner Guess he staying, I'd rather get rid of Ziyech and give his minutes to CHO.
  19. It's true all reporting we didn't bid, however that's because Marina wanted to avoid embarrassment she lost out on a target, she probably talked to Hakimi's agent and saw he isn't keep on coming and wants PSG so our chances were slim at that point, placing a bid would've done nothing except confirm our interest, now we can pretend we weren't that interested as we didn't put a bid in.
  20. Yeah, let's be positive because we aren't linked to fuck all in terms of quality and pretend no news its good news because somehow Pulisic came out of a blue a few years ago. Camavinga, Varane and Sancho are reported by trusted sources right now for the cunts, all in positions we needed and would've improved us no doubt, we finished the season on the rise while they embarrassed themselves in the EL final, yet they doing more activity to improve while we haven't even got rid of the deadwood yet, somehow I fail so see why I should be positive in terms of the transfer window, there is nothin
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