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  1. Chelsea lead race for £57m striker sensation – but there’s a catch https://www.teamtalk.com/news/paper-talk-chelsea-lead-race-for-57m-serie-a-sensation-but-theres-a-catch-one-in-one-out-in-220m-man-city-deals CHELSEA LEAD PIATEK CHARGE Chelsea have been told they can win the race to sign Krzysztof Piatek – but there appears to be a couple of catches. The Genoa striker has been in sensational form in Serie A this season, scoring 13 goals in eight games across all competitions. That has led to speculation suggesting Roma and Liverpool were keen to sign him – while on Tuesd
  2. He can fuck right off
  3. Yes. Most we can hope for this coming summer is around £100m. They just offered around £110m or so for a JANUARY transfer. RM will probably pass. Sign him on a free in a year and a half. Or do some crazy Kovacic for Hazard plus £35m as I honestly think they will try and prise £60-65m or so out of us for Kovacic. Maybe we can bait Juve (if Allegri replaces Mourinho and ZZ takes the Juve job) into Hazard plus cash for Dybala. Use the threat of him going to RM if they dont deal. Hazard might want to play for ZZ and we know ZZ wants him BAD. Unless Eden renews we are going to get raped. Alrea
  4. ATM we dont even know if CHO will renew. If Eden leaves in the summer will Sarri go from almost zero field time to starting him regularly? Seems a big ask, which is why he needs to play more now. My 2 winger targets are the same. Chiesa and Bailey, and both cam pkay either wing, although both should play inverted, Chiesa at LW and Baikey at right. Any talk of Willian staying on post Hazard and being our main winger is the stuff of pure capitulation by the club and a sure sign we are giving up all hopes of elite status. Same for Morata and Giroud at striker. Abraham is shit from all I
  5. France vs Germany HD Streams http://neosportek8.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html http://neosportek8.blogspot.com/p/premier-league-5.html https://www.easysport.tv/games/france-vs-germany/
  6. Soon 31yo, and a huge flop at Manure. No thanks. Next.
  7. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dead at 65 https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/15/17980912/paul-allen-microsoft-cofounder-dies-65 CROSS HIM OFF THE LIST OF POTENTIAL BUYERS So strange he was trying to buy the team knowing he would soon be dead.
  8. I have nothing more to say on him, he either does his job and scores goals or we sell him, I refuse to be baited in anymore by him and his 'potential'. Massive disappointment. I lost my mind over losing Costa. He was a ramrod, even if not scoring. I love intimidation. Morata is a weak-willed nob.
  9. 1st home loss in a competitive fixture for Spain since 2003. 1st English win on Spanish soil in a competitive match in 31 years.
  10. One would think, but people would rather go full ostrich and run with normalcy bias.
  11. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf Sarri needs to play him at least a bit or he will walk
  12. We all need to be hoping Dani Ceballos keeps playing well and getting massive minutes, as that makes it far more likely Real will perma sell us Kovacic.
  13. Fucking Pickford is a lucky boy. He thinks he is fucking Ederson ffs.
  14. As much as I rant about ages, he did only just turn 30 3 months ago, so is not exactly in winter of career, BUT he has played a shit tonne of minutes over the last 10 years and DMF is a crazy hard position to keep up WC level.
  15. Morata drops further down the Spanish depth chart, lolol, probably off the team soon.
  16. Worst game from Busquets I have seen in years. He looks a shambolic mess, half to a full step off all action.
  17. Plus France (and Belgium) IMHO (and my pre tourney bracket picks bore this out) were head and shoulders about the rest.
  18. I so thought Russia was going to take Croatia out on a fluke goal. England v Russia in Moscow for a semi would have been CRAZY given all the political tension!
  19. although he got burnt on the first goal, Alonso looks like one of the very few Spaniards who gives a fuck and is trying hard most look like they are having a Tuesday walkabout in Kensington Gardens
  20. although he cocked up that breakaway right at the death of the half (but I am being too picky, lolol)
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