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  1. No clue what you are talking about, AC had nothing to do with that goal. Cesc fucked about clearing it, then Azpi gave the ball back right before Sturridge scored off the rebound from Caballero's block. Doubt me, look at it right here https://www.fullmatchesandshows.com/2018/09/26/liverpool-vs-chelsea-highlights-full-match/#3 the sequence starts at around 57 minutes and 20 secs on the game clock
  2. REAL MADRID WILLING TO PAY €120M FOR HAZARD IN JANUARY https://readchelsea.com/2018/10/10/real-madrid-willing-to-pay-e120m-for-hazard-in-january/ Thats only £104m and it's in January, which always carries a premium. They will offer even less next summer. We are going to lose over £100m in valuation if he doesn't renew. The board will end up partially destroying the club's future. There is zero chance they drop the £200 to £250m needed to try and replace Eden plus buy a truly WC striker like Dybala or Icardi. All the clubs know we will be desperate and will quote us insane pr
  3. This is crazy: Perhaps only Real Madrid’s Marcelo is ahead of Alonso in terms of the best players in his position on the planet right now. The Spaniard will be hoping to dethrone his left-back counterpart, and it looks as though he’ll be making that effort at Chelsea. Laughable. Marcelo himself is not even the best LB, he is horrid in defence and is in early stages of decline IMHO, due to age (31yo in spring) and a string of minor injuries. Apparently the author has never heard of David Alaba (best fullback on planet) Alex Sandro Jordi Alba (even though I detest h
  4. I meant that that was the reason for all the 'more quid' posts and articles running riot, not that I personally think money is the key driver when it comes to Eden. Unlike that twat Alexis.
  5. Christensen annoyed, running out of patience sitting on Chelsea bench https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2018/10/9/17954562/christensen-annoyed-running-out-of-patience-sitting-on-chelsea-bench Andreas Christensen, as usual, has been called up by Denmark for their upcoming matches against Republic of Ireland and Austria. He’s become a steady feature in the team, as much in defensive midfield as in defense, and yet he is still the second youngest player in manager’s Åge Hareide’s squad, with 20 caps to his name already at age 22. With almost 150 app
  6. I think Shitty makes a move eventually for Pep's number one RW choice, Mbappe. Mahrez to me was a Bayern buy. Soak up all the best domestic players so your rivals don't strengthen themselves. In the EPL there are only 5 truly top class RW'ers (IMHO) Salah, Sterling, Mahrez, Bernardo Silva, and Zaha. Shitty have 3 of the 5 now. For LW it's only 3 true ones Hazard Sané Mané Martial I rate more as a CF, and Richarlison has the potential to get there, maybe, maybe Felipe Anderson, but probably not. Alexis has collapsed. Heung-min Son I just cant place that
  7. Perhaps it is because the rumours were/are we were offering him only £300K PW, when (for comparison) an absolute shit (due to continual lack of interest/effort) player like Özil is on £350K PW and his ex teammate, now Manure whipping boy Alexis is on £500K PW. Just my guess.
  8. If we bought him next summer he woukd turn 29 in middle of next season, so we woukd only get a season and a half out of him as a sub 30yo player. LB's (and RB's) do not age well. There are only 2 WC LB's over 28yo in the world atm, Alba and Marcelo (who is already showing age). Only WC 2 RB's over 28 as well, Azpi and arguably Manure's Valencia (who will soon drop off the list as he hits 34yo next summer), maybe 3 if you still count the 35yo (36yo before this season is over) Dani Alves, which I do not. If the price is sub £50m for Alex Sandro (which it wont be) then maybe, maybe, but woul
  9. I hate scouser Victimpool scum far more than Shitty cunts. IF we dont win the league we have a better shot at 2nd place if Shitty is top rather than the merseyside moaners. Love the fact they have zero EPL titles.
  10. Andreas Christensen confirms he’s got problems at Chelsea https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/andreas-christensen-confirms-hes-got-problems-at-chelsea/ If last year was a breakout season for Andreas Christensen at Chelsea, this year had seen a major regression for the Danish defender. Christensen, 22, was a regular starter for Antonio Conte. He played 40 matches for Chelsea last term, and Christensen was voted Chelsea’s young player of the season. However Maurizio Sarri has yet to start Christensen in a Premier League match this season. Moreover, Christensen hasn’t
  11. Actually a decent article. Strangely it left out the most glaring need, striker. Romagnoli is deffo my choice if Sarri is hellbent to get an Italian CB. It will be VERY hard to pull Romagnoli, so Pavard (who also can spell Azpi at RB as Zappacosta is simply not a Chelsea level player) would be my choice, unless we are actually serious about being the best team in the world, the it's de Ligt all the way. Chiesa is an inverted LW, so would be a natural Hazard replacement, but I assume the article looks at him as a RW upgrade for Willian's shite arse. IF Hazard does leave, would love to see
  12. I want to see a starting MF of Barkley, Kovacic, and Jorginho. Kante needs a break and needs to learn his role better (if he can). Utterly average for me so far. I understand he can never play trad DMF destroyer role in Sarriball. He is best trad DMF in world. He is being wasted now. Might need to cash in this summer if he doesnt adapt and we keep Sarri for years. I rate Barkley highly. He is a keeper. Still would like to see him take a crack at RW in a cup tie or EL game. Anything to get Willian on the bench if Pedro isnt playing.
  13. I think he is not going to renew. As it stands, the same for CHO, and Sarri is so not helping that by making him poof from all field time in order to trot out the whinging Brasilian every bloody game. I think we best fucking start planning for both these 2 players leaving, as well as RM yanking back Kovacic. If the board bollockses up the next 2 transfer windows and makes bad contractual decisions, we are fucked for years, unless we are sold and new owner ship goes on a spree plus sets fire to all deadwood. We are rapidly ageing, both in terms of on field performance soon falling off
  14. IF we don't win the league, the only of of the big six I would want to be above us is Shitty, as I (I am putting on my flame retardant suit now, lol) do respect Pep as a manager and Shitty isn't nearly as loaded with players I detest as the other teams are. That said I do fucking hate Aguero and Otamendi with a burning passion, and I am not fond of Stones (massively overrated), Kompany, Sterling (such a prat and I DESTEST the way he runs with arms flapping like a capon* running for its life from the chopping block, lolol) and David Silva. Maybe add Kyle Walker too. *In the United Kingdom,
  15. Best CB in EPL history. Hope he goes right into coaching and not just telly talking head land.
  16. It's why of the 3 (Salah, Lukaku, De Bruyne) big recent cock-ups by the board in terms of sales, KDB is the only one I truly lost (and still do) my mind over. Lukaku is still a flat track bully in my book. Salah obviously is miles beyond Willian/Pedro, but there are other RW'ers (Bailey for instance) who I would be over the moon to have. The only AMF in the world I would take over KDB (maybe) is Coutinho (unless you count Messi as an AMF, which I do not, plus I have never gotten into Messi/CR7 talk in terms of being on our team.)
  17. I agree. I hope he comes good too. That's the best outcome for all. I also agree thay Twitter and Instagram trolls who attack him and his family (especially racially/ethnically) are scum.
  18. Salah looks a shadow of last year. So far its looking like a one year wonder (obviously could change in a flash).
  19. Vesper


    I put Belotti and Timo Werner on my lists in below Dybala and Icardi (Lewandowski would be 31 if we bought him next summer so too old to sign to a long term deal IMHO) and then Immobile (who wont leave Lazio and is almost too old for a 5 year deal). The problem with both Belotti and Werner is that they will both cost a shit tonne and are still not proven in terms of consistent high level play (especially Belotti who had one great year then regressed, partially due to injury). If Werner has another huge year, Bayern Munich will surely go all out to sign him. Belotti has 4 goals in 9 games
  20. Vesper


    Lucas Alario. Yes, I have listed him as a lower option on a lot of posts. The problem is, Bayer Leverkusen has so many players I really rate and want and they will never just roll over and strip their team. RW Bailey (absolute priority) AMF Kai Havertz (IMHO best under 22yo AMF in world atm) CB Jonathan Tah (beast, 1.95m and built like a tank, but still pacey) CF Lucas Alario LB Wendell (possible Alonso replacement (although Junior Firpo is by far my number one choice), I rate him over the post injury Emerson that I have seen) CB Panagiotis Retsos (20yo Greek with
  21. Vesper


    Whoever called the shots on Drinkwater is a complete football incompetent and should be sacked on that alone. Ridiculously stupid buy. Probably worst in club history, given the cost, as he literally was a known inferior talent with no upside potential ( unlike many other shit buys such as Bakayoko, Morata, etc). £70m plus literally down the shitter when wages, fees, insurance, etc. are factored in. I will never back down on this. HORRIFIC business. Typical of our oft-times inept board.
  22. Vesper


    If we wanted another English CMF, we should have bought Lewis Cook from Bournemouth. 7 years younger than Drinkwater and a quarter of his wages (only £30,000 PW). A better player potentially too. And no, I do not want to buy Lewis Cook. I just want DD sold.
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