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  1. Agree on Lozano As for your wishes Leon Bailey ticks those boxes. So does Federico Bernardeschi (Sarri loves him but Juve are motherfuckers to deal with, see last 3 summers for confirmation). Of course there is always Mbappe, lolol (Bezos would drop the cash! Lolol)
  2. Crazy game, it should be 5 nil Betis (not joking) and Milan should be down to 9 men (arguably 8) 2 SHIT goal-nullifying offside calls an absolute sitter missed Antonio Sanabria of Betis (he missed 2 or 3 other half chances as well) Reina the Milan GK handled outside the area (should have been red) no call Bonaventure punched (just smashed him in the head, literally) a Betis player, nothing Higuain went cray after he fucked up a miss and shoved/hit Betis players nothing, the presenters think he spit on them too
  3. Bakayoko looks HORRID, turnover machine, slow, disinterested, pathetic he is so coming back here
  4. Firpo with SUPERB pass that lead to second goal, but it was waived off (bullshit offside call)
  5. Firpo with a great pass to set up the cross that scored the first goal nil 1 Betis
  6. Milan v Real Betis HD Streams https://www.vipleague.bz/ac-milan-vs-real-betis-streaming-link-1 http://ripple.is/football/3739-milan-vs-real-betis Junior Firpo starts for Real Betis, Bakayoko for Milan
  7. It is almost surreal we cant seem to sell any of our surplus goods. We just loan them out and further decrease their values, or we trot them out on the field and do the same, or we just let them stay and milk us dry, whilst the boards uses basically the same 'one out for one in' excuse to really not make much needed moves. The Jorginho transfer was a one off, as no Sarri if no Jorginho and Carlo Ancelotti's system doesn't use a DH DMF type. Kepa was a forced (although great in terms of player) deal due to the board fucking up on Courtois and giving him the hammer to go AWOL.
  8. Highlights (and full match if you wish) of Dortmund crushing Atletico Madrid 4 nil https://www.fullmatchesandshows.com/2018/10/24/borussia-dortmund-vs-atletico-madrid-highlights-full-match/#3
  9. Gary Cahill set to make shock u-turn by staying at Chelsea beyond January transfer window Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/25/gary-cahill-set-to-make-shock-u-turn-by-staying-at-chelsea-beyond-january-transfer-window-8075398/?ito=cbshare The veteran is unhappy with his lack of playing time in west London and had been expected to leave in January, possibly to boyhood club Sheffield Wednesday. Cahill has received plenty of interest from Premier League clubs and is desperate to prolong his playing career. However, Cahill is ready to commit himself to Maurizio Sarri’s project
  10. Yes, it has a good reputation in The Czech Republic. It is not a rag like the Sun, etc.
  11. Have no fear, in the next 5 games Alvaro will surely score 32 goals!
  12. Its only a 50% stake so doesn't completely remove us from the geo-political uncertainty. I still prefer Jim Ratcliffe (who is worth, as of this moment, more than Roman and Kellner combined, and is adding billions each year) as he is English (so no foreign ownership issues after Brexit) and also a bit older, so will bring (hopefully) an urgency to get us back to top 3 to 5 level in the world.
  13. I have listed him in at least 2 other posts, I really rate him highly as well! Real Madrid will never sell now, I fear, unless crazy money was waived in their face.
  14. CHO is getting NO football (I refuse to count youth league shite) NOBODY said win everything right away I detest normalcy bias and ostrich-like head-in-the-sand denialist, status-quo thinking and rationalisation NOT saying you are doing this, but fuck knows I see it all over the goddamn web. It is the same rot (starting with the board and cascading on down) that DESTROYED us each season after the last two titles I and others look ahead to future-forward events and projections and at potential (on every level) and innate abilities and also at financial and contractual m
  15. Mbappe is more of a winger than a classic number 9 IMHO. Dybala is secondary striker but both would work in Sarriball. Now we just need Ratcliffe to buy the team (or Bezos!) and drop in a half billion in net spend (after selling out ALL the deadwood. LOLOL Maybe we should (like I have said before) go full nutter and try and sign Zlatan for 2 years. Even at 37 he is 5 times the striker that Morata and Giroud are combined. cloned
  16. Sevilla want 55m euros for him, thats crazy for a striker who will be 29 in the summer, is very short, and has had only 11 and 9 league goals the last 2 seasons. PSG want him for a backup for last 2 years. He underwhelms me TBH. He might, however be a great Mertens role type player, but at his age, its not like he has a lot of upside or untapped potential. For that price I would rather roll with Rodrigo from Valencia, but they are now demanding CRAZY money I really dont like mid tier strikers, they now cost a shit tonne, are usually not so young, and are a huge gamble
  17. ★ Valentino Lazaro ★ 22 Year-Old Right Back now on Hertha Berlin Joined: Jul 1, 2018 Contract until: 30.06.2021 Best young Austrian player since Alaba and Marcel Sabitzer (I think he is better than Sabitzer, or soon will be) He was an AMF/RW, but now they switched him to RB, where he has been a revelation. Would be a tremendous buy, he is purpose built for Sarriball, explosive athlete, great passer, good footie IQ. Obviously good at the offensive end, but is a tenacious defender as well. Valentino Lazaro: The most talented Austrian since David Alaba shini
  18. Give me these 4 fullbacks over our current 4. (provided we get decent prices for our 4, I will say £135-150m for the lot. We have to sell to fund buys, its the way football works (even PSG and Shitty sell players) We could get these 4 for £20-40m or so less than selling off the 4 we have now, they are far young but still experienced, superb athletes, all are 2-way creative fullbacks with speed to burn. Or keep Azpi and Alonso and sell Emerson and Zappacosta, who have basically done fuckall since we bought both, (sorry Emerson fanboys), and just buy Firpo and Lazaro. Firpo would bench
  19. Real 100%. Suarez going to Inter (which I think is crazy as he is soon going to hit the wall of age) doesn't preclude that. Barca really want Piatek. Just my 2 quid's worth. Who we actually have a shot at in January is Cavani (yes I know, stop-gap and all that, but at this point we are FUCKED without a striker who can score). Mbappe and Neymar are intentionally freezing him out in last 5, 6 games. It was SO obvious tonight. Tuchel has a nightmare on his hands. Yes, Cavani is 31yo and Morata 26, but Cavani is in superb shape (like Renaldo) and I can see 3 more good to great year
  20. MADNESS we will offer Rüdiger (without whom we would never stand a chance a being in top 4) over a million quid a year less than shit fuck Drinkwater. I suppose he will take it. At least I hope he does.
  21. Unfucking believable he isnt going to start CHO. CHO is going to leave at this rate and it is on Sarri if we will lose him. With no Hazard it is just crazy to not start him against a team that would probably get relegated in the Championship.
  22. Barca v Inter HD streams https://www.vipleague.bz/fc-barcelona-vs-inter-milan-streaming-link-1 http://rvnistelrooy.blogspot.com/p/spain-3.html http://rvnistelrooy.blogspot.com/p/spain-1.html https://www.easysport.tv/games/barcelona-vs-inter/
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