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  1. Fuck Courtois. His parents on honeymoon:
  2. GK Kepa CB Rudiger CB Luiz LB Alonso RB Azpi DH DMF Jorginho CMF Kovacic AMF RLC LW Hazard RW Pedro CF Giroud Bench Willie AC Emerson Kante Barkley CHO Morata
  3. Fans mock Tottenham over their advert boasting new stadium is 'the only place to watch Champions League in London'… with them now on the brink of being knocked out before they play there https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6315245/Fans-mock-Tottenham-poster-Champions-League-games-new-stadium.html
  4. Fabregas was positively shitarific. So was Moses. Willian was his usual ball hogging shoot till you drop with no results self, and Giroud couldnt buy a goal if he had Roman's quid. All the rest were solid if not spectacular. Emerson and Zappa looked really good. RLC was out of this world.
  5. fucking goonas pulled it out 1 nil that cunt Welbeck in 77th minute
  6. LOLOL my wife goes CRAZY when they do that
  7. Yes, he had a pretty good WC and it was time to cash the fuck in instead Marina took almost A FUCKING MONTH HOLIDAY!!!
  8. and Drinkwater and Bakayoko all the rest we can argue about but those 3 are just HORRIFIC
  9. Juve and PSG are the two teams who would most want him, and they both have players I would kill for
  10. We don't know till we try it, if he is shit, I will be the first to say no more, no more
  11. Its a chess game, especially with Roman closing the purse (compared to other of the massive teams) lately. If we are not going to play and develop young players and only buy well established WC players, we need to raise massive capital, and Kante would do just that. He simply is replaceable in the Sarri system. Harsh but true. Chelsea: Sarrismo has no place for a fully defensive N’Golo Kante https://theprideoflondon.com/2018/09/24/chelsea-sarrismo-ngolo-kante-midfield/ still the best article explaining this
  12. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot
  13. Ampadu is still injured. Also, I think it madness to turn him into a MF. Not saying you suggest this. Just a general comment. Now, IF we go all bully boy world class buyers again and grab de Ligt, then we can talk about Ethan at MF, especially if RM wont perma sell us Kovacic.
  14. He just isnt needed in this system and to toss away £135m plus is crazy now. Only if you think Sarri is sacked in next 14 to 16 months is it worth keeping him.
  15. Mayne Barkley in at RW and CHO at left!
  16. Sad to see Cesc at this level, he is well and truly a spent force. Wilian is still a fucking ball hog and selfish All the rest, great!!!! Emerson has finally looked a bit like Roma Emerson, although BATE are complete shit, so hard to gauge. Every game I see I lean more and more to selling Kante (for £135m to £150m) We simply don,t need him in this system, he doesn't bring enough to the table to justify blocking a £135m plus sale. Sorry if this offends anyone, I have read 50 plus articles, seen every pro Kante argument tossed out there as long as Sarriball is
  17. I would rather Pedro stays on and gets some time
  18. Pedro is RW, it would be Willian coming off PLEASE!!!!
  19. Gennaro Gattuso is going to get the sacking, 1 2 Betis FT Milan looked shambles
  20. Kante + Willian + Morata + Alonso + AC We get Dybala + Bernardeschi + Alex Sandro + Rugani + Rodrigo Bentancur Obviously it will never happen, but I would pull the trigger on that mega swap in a fucking heartbeat We FINALLY solve Striker, LB, RW holes, get cover for Kovavcic possibly leaving and get Sarri his favourite (well one of two favourite if you count Romagnoli) Italian CB's, plus it benefits Juve massively as they get a starting LB to replace Sandro, a crazy good destroyer DMF to shore up a big weakness, a young CB to replace Rugani, and a striker who was pretty fucking
  21. Agree on Lozano As for your wishes Leon Bailey ticks those boxes. So does Federico Bernardeschi (Sarri loves him but Juve are motherfuckers to deal with, see last 3 summers for confirmation). Of course there is always Mbappe, lolol (Bezos would drop the cash! Lolol)
  22. Crazy game, it should be 5 nil Betis (not joking) and Milan should be down to 9 men (arguably 8) 2 SHIT goal-nullifying offside calls an absolute sitter missed Antonio Sanabria of Betis (he missed 2 or 3 other half chances as well) Reina the Milan GK handled outside the area (should have been red) no call Bonaventure punched (just smashed him in the head, literally) a Betis player, nothing Higuain went cray after he fucked up a miss and shoved/hit Betis players nothing, the presenters think he spit on them too
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