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  1. You will find out when he buys one, if we believe Marina left cech etc for picking players then he's never bought a "Tuchel Player"
  2. Problem TT has is he working with like 3 different managers players. That's always been the problem with just sacking managers you end up with the massive sqaud of useless players. When I say useless I mean don't fit the current managers play style. Jorginho for instance was bought by sarri to play his way, now he's just a 50mill back passer.
  3. New ownership same shit, sell players to buy them back fucking pointless.
  4. Don't think so tbh. He's actually a really good players he's just a diving piss poor excuse of a man, but he's good at football lol
  5. I would of thrown every sponsor that demanded me removed them of our shirts in the same bin Drinkwater and lukaku should of been in.
  6. The dead giveaway is the fact its the old kit
  7. Yeah no doubt with 12 players on the pitch.
  8. Raphinha to arsenal makes no sense to me he plays in sakas position, none of them will be happy on the bench.
  9. That's only like saying who's saying we are going to a back four? You? Doesn't have the players? He's had transfer windows, so surely if he wanted 433 he would of made steps already?
  10. Chances of us going to a 4 back is highly unlikely. He may not have had full controls of transfer before but did have full control of the team.
  11. Do you even watch football? Declan rice has been class....
  12. Watch him in a Brazil shirt, he's brilliant
  13. I dont think he would mind going there and been the star
  14. If I remember rightly last season we constantly had possession and could never do anything with it, getting a player like eriksen for free helps any team , doesn't mean he will be a regular starter but would prove highly useful.
  15. Yea absolutely no room here for a guy you can bring on to totally change the dynamic of a game and switch up play for free is there wtf was I thinking.
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