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  1. I think your confusing it some what, why is it always WE where bad defensively? Why can't we just appreciate what Brentford just tried to do to us they was nothing short of brilliant and we stopped them every time to me thats been good defensively.
  2. If u think that was bad defending, then fuck me what's good defending?
  3. It's as simple as the ball came in with some pace, 90% of the time if u get a touch it goes in 9% keeper saves it 1% chance u hit the post like that, am not defending lukaku was a poor miss but how unlucky do u have to be for that to hit the post.
  4. Cam some 1 rashtionally explain to me what the problem with the officials and VAR was today please?
  5. Reading comments in here you should change this to the conspiracy theory thread.
  6. Watching how Brentford played against pool has made my day even worse.
  7. Saul has to get a run out today he will never adjust on the bench.
  8. We are nothing sort of dreadful. I love mount but take him off kai has been league 2 level at best, the back passing is infuriating, lukakuu is making the runs and the rest of the stevie fucking wonders don't see it.
  9. Isn't pace alot more important when playing counter attack football? Surely TT has a reason for this team and pace must not be it?
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