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  1. Saul has to get a run out today he will never adjust on the bench.
  2. We are nothing sort of dreadful. I love mount but take him off kai has been league 2 level at best, the back passing is infuriating, lukakuu is making the runs and the rest of the stevie fucking wonders don't see it.
  3. Isn't pace alot more important when playing counter attack football? Surely TT has a reason for this team and pace must not be it?
  4. Let's be honest here. Say he's on 55k a week for instance he should be able to come on and smash a ball in the back of the net cold or not, that penalty was just awful, and before he took it sky sports showed u where his last 5 pens where hit, and he hit it exactly where he normally does, and he had scored the last 5. He should of just smashed it down the middle.
  5. Watching redcafe forums it's brilliant although Chelsea are getting alot of credit for the draw we got at pool.
  6. What came first the chicken or the egg?
  7. What I am saying is its impossible to know because we will never find out.
  8. I dont give a fuck if a goalie can pass a ball tbh. Mendy is a great shot stopper regardless of range and also very commanding in the box.
  9. Hard to compare players of different eras, just simply because the game has changed so much, impossible to say the older greats would even have half the impact in the modern game.
  10. I think it was a great tackle with a horrible landing, for ppl to call it an horrible tackle is ridiculous.
  11. Dunno after today haha am sure he will improve.
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