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  1. if we only now getting 'interested' in a new rwb, it will take approximately 57 days until our board manages to get the deal done.
  2. keita is gonna be a liverpool player next summer.
  3. renato sanches is only good if he comes permanently or atleast on a 1 year loan with an option to buy. otherwise i rather have drinkwater.
  4. holy shit 180k is a lot for a player like him
  5. anyone else wakes up in the morning and thinks: 'this is the day. this is the day when chelsea will finally buy someone...", and like that every morning?
  6. better roma than napoli. they scare me. atleast we're gonna avoid atletico in the round of 16
  7. marina thinks leicester, juventus, arsenal etc will say 'alright you can buy him at the price you want because you were persistent enough'.
  8. take your time marina, it's only been 1 month since the last signing.
  9. good god, scum fans are gonna be insufferable this season
  10. the way he looks down at the end, you can tell he's sad
  11. looks like draxler is leaving psg. would be a great signing.
  12. conte just won us the league where realistically nobody thought we will win it. the least they can do is fulfill his wishes since obviously he knows what's he is doing.
  13. what the fuck is this blakcmailing? it's like our board is run by arsenal or united board who want to worsen the situation as much as possible. there is 0 logic in this thing.
  14. you guys think our players are robots or what? you think they are not affected by the state of the club? of course they are. especially the ones who've been through the same shit only two years ago. they see whats going on and what is going to happen if this shit continues. of course it's gonna carry over to the pitch, no matter how professional they are. and im sure they are backing up their manager, you can see that after azpilicueta's and lampards words.
  15. where are those guys who said he is shit and we did a great deal. i fucking hate our incompetent board. how can they be this retarded it's actually impressive.
  16. that right back from burnley had an equally dangerous foul on alonso and he only recieved a yellow.
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