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  1. i would agree with you until 0-2
  2. scoring? i will be happy if dont concede any more goals
  3. alright so for the future lets wait for united and city buy all the players they want and after they finish buying we start to get players.
  4. he wasnt that bad. this whole narrative that kante did all the work himself is pretty annoying and stupid. and we can be worse next season. no one knows how bakayoko will end up. he can easily be worse than matic.
  5. very soon we will see how important was matic for this team.
  6. aurier and vvd? so i guess christiansen is out
  7. we would be in a great situation if cahill is our biggest problem.
  8. this is the beggining of the end of his time in this club.
  9. i remember reading last year that he was really good in schalke until the injury. if he can recover properly he can be a decent back-up for alonso until next year when will we pursuit another lwb.
  10. whats happening with him? when will be he ready?
  11. you cant prevent people from watching a football game
  12. my bet is on charlie adam or scott parker
  13. im happy we singed morata, otherwise i think deeney would be a sure thing
  14. i dont know how we won the league when we had so many awful players in our starting 11. matic, moses, alonso, cahill, willian, later costa. conte surely knows black magic i dont have any other explanation.
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