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  1. conte needs to grow balls and drop him for one game or two. costa thinks he's untouchable and irreplaceable so whatever he do he will be in the starting squad next week. fucking frustrating to watch
  2. we played really good in second half. let them have the ball, it's not like we didnt have a clue like in first half where we were awful. great sub at the half. defending is a skill too.
  3. second half was poor? then what was first half?
  4. just sub costa off at the half. i cant take him anymore. he is more focused on their centerbacks and faking and injury than on the game.
  5. poor form can happen, he will bounce back, but his behavior is whats really getting on my nerves.
  6. he is better than modric imo, but it doesnt even matter, we have to get him no matter what they ask for him
  7. its not like we have no options from the bench until he heals fully. he's not that irreplaceable
  8. mid table without costa? lmao or you think we would play every game with 10? then youre maybe right
  9. does anyone here remembers when was the last time we objectively got a present from the refs like this situation
  10. haha as always the player shits on the comments.
  11. he was open few times requesting the ball but moses and pedro chose to ignore him and go for a solo play.
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