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  1. also moses holds the ball for too long. always few seconds late with the pass. other players are starting to get frustrated
  2. hazard is much better at his position. he cant play good at this cam. we just dont have enough attacking talent in our squad.
  3. this was my first thought too lmao cant believe my eyes tho, ivanovic not starting, tearz of joy
  4. alright lets analyze our last 4 games. first, game vs swensea, we had control over the game, then courtois and cahill decided to make it a little interesting and they did what they did. second game vs liverpool. retarded foul by ivanovic then shocking defence after the cross and a goal. second goal is just unfortunate. still contes fault how we played in the first half. totally missmanaged that shit. third game vs leicester, again horrific defending by cahill and conceded goal. great comeback tho. lastly, our game vs arsenal....no words after the first goal, again cahills mistake. after that i
  5. bielsa would be out after two weeks. roman would not take his shit for long.
  6. he's leaving after this season.
  7. nevermind. keep starting ivanovic, cahill and oscar every game. im sure that will get us results.
  9. fucking hate everyone in our board. just kill yourself all of you. fucking clueless pieces of shits.
  10. anyone knows whats our overall score when ivanovic is our captain?
  11. another vintage performance by ivanovic vs ireland.
  12. and luiz had two bad seasons so he is worth 42m.
  13. yeah like they will get the chance for the first team...
  14. so thats it? alonso and luiz...i cant see us bringing in james. it's just not a chelsea move. im still disappointed with the summer transfer window. couldnt buy a single worldclass player.
  15. im gonna kill myself is tottenham gets isco. unbelivable
  16. holy shit people here really think that we are title contenders? after just 3 games? and two of them vs potentially relegation battlers. you seem to forget that how much we struggled in the first two games. it takes one great game to all of sudden become title contenders. come on, same shit happened this summer like last years. board is incapable of signing good players. we're looking like fools with signings like marcos alonso and 29yo david luiz. and more so with the now absurd situation that we cant buy a fucking cb and fullback for two months. we all call ourselves a big club, but the way
  17. i get tired of justifying every move because conte wants the player.
  18. we would be 50% better team if hazard and costa had a better chemistry in attacking situations.
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