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  1. any news on him? does anybody even care?
  2. how long does it take to determine the severity of the injury holy shit
  3. calm down with the willian hate, theres actuall no one to pass the ball to. we are getting destroyed. looks like pep prepared for us the whole summer.
  4. my throat still hurts after screaming like a moron last night
  5. i bet cahill is going back to the starting 11 after his suspension end.
  6. god bless him and god bless us in this season
  7. this is azpis body. i recognize his nails.
  8. we are not in the best situation to laugh at other clubs i feel
  9. at this point i dont even care about new players. i just want the news tomorrow that marina and emenalo are out.
  10. he likes to travel nothing wrong with that
  11. relax, there is still time to be even more disappointed.
  12. i hope we get lemar, sanchez, aurier and sandro tomorrow. fingers crossed
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