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  1. whats happening with him? when will be he ready?
  2. you cant prevent people from watching a football game
  3. my bet is on charlie adam or scott parker
  4. im happy we singed morata, otherwise i think deeney would be a sure thing
  5. i dont know how we won the league when we had so many awful players in our starting 11. matic, moses, alonso, cahill, willian, later costa. conte surely knows black magic i dont have any other explanation.
  6. sergi roberto is not a key player for barcelona wtf.
  7. cant see the tweet. btw it would not be the worst deal. can play rwb and in the midfield. like fabinho
  8. i am disappointed that we werent even in talks about bernadischi from fiorentina. he will be a great player in year or two.
  9. i would be ok to win the league every two seasons.
  10. low work rate? i dont think so.
  11. ye it would be a disaster if we had pogba in our team.
  12. if he's not the second coming of vieira and zidane in one im gonna be massively disappointed
  13. is there a buy back clause? if not im gonna go crazy
  14. i would rather pay 80 million for sanchez than for lukaku. and play bats upfront.
  15. just wait until july 1. you have no faith in our board.
  16. knowing roman, managers dont want to risk their job to play young unexperienced players.
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