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  1. they are not much better than we are. this is not the same old fierce barca. suarez is out of form, neymar is gone, iniesta and busquets are past their primes, only real real thteat is ofc messi. we can play with them. obviously after my rare optimism we are gonna be trashed like 7-0 aggregate.
  2. swensea is beyond trash. if we cant win against them without hazard then fuck all of them
  3. just buy the newest football manager and youre halfway trough on being a great scout
  4. as long as conte is here, he decides who stays or not.
  5. does anyone else feel like he's not really part of this team? he looks so out of place sometimes and clueless sometimes..
  7. why would be play our best defender, no logic there
  8. why is he always changing hazard around the 80th minute where the game is still wide open? cant remember any other team that changes his best player when the game is still on the line. i would understand if he played badly, but that was not the case tonight.
  9. also no celebration from conte after the first goal was interesting
  10. whole team is looking like shit, no fire no emotion. same in the crystal palace game just look at hazards body language. he doesnt want to play in a formation where he has to wait 5 minutes to touch the ball
  11. any news on him? does anybody even care?
  12. how long does it take to determine the severity of the injury holy shit
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