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  1. so when we dont chase the score we keep on hazard?
  2. i have never seen a more selfish player than batshuayi
  3. alright the fuck are they doing back there. we are lucky that moss is shit
  4. i cant believe we spent 18 pages talking about andrew carroll as a signing in 2018. end me
  5. nice one alvaro, just keep on diving you moron wish he can get a red everytime he flop like this
  6. im sure we can atleast one when the penalties come
  7. cant help but notice how the average football iq of this squad is no more than 80
  8. we should be after him since september 1. cant belive how short sited our board is. would be a perfect player for our team. now it will be that the board 'tried' but he chose united, and the board did everything in their power to bring him...
  9. this moses attempt perfectly describes todays performance
  10. i can see barkley requesting a loan to everton at half time
  11. it's not under the radar. i get legit angry every time conte subs him out. we are the only team in the universe that regularly sub out their best player even when the score is active. like why the fuck was he rested against stoke
  12. they are not much better than we are. this is not the same old fierce barca. suarez is out of form, neymar is gone, iniesta and busquets are past their primes, only real real thteat is ofc messi. we can play with them. obviously after my rare optimism we are gonna be trashed like 7-0 aggregate.
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