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  1. this basically means we wont sign a winger for sure
  2. i know it wont happen but i would like to buy a new keeper and fuck over courtois so he can rot in the stands for a year.
  3. morata as backup would be even worse. he would lose all of his remaing confidence on the bench. doenst strike me as a player who would love to prove himself to the manager and the fans from the bench.
  4. alonso is totally useless in this system
  5. forget morata, what are we going to do with our keepers. bulka is probably our best keeper now.
  6. any news when he's coming back? i've seen player for other clubs are already back or coming monday next week, but nothing on hazard.
  7. pedro is good for rotation, we need a new quality starter right winger, shit we need it now even with willian in the squad. i guess one of the reasons why would martial sign with us is if he would be played at his preferred position, which is a striker i suppose.
  8. so let's say we trade willian for martial, we will then need a new right winger. this late in the twindow i dont think we will get a proper replacement...
  9. only if he could be less selfish and doesnt shoot the ball everytime he has it in his foot...
  10. find it strange that he didnt know before that he has passport issues and informed our club with the problem.
  11. who cares what they make, just get them sign a new contract.
  12. ye ok, didnt know we have the next messi in our squad, sorry
  13. he's is not better than pedro or willian
  14. nope, he should go on a loan and play every game instead of every 10th game coming in as a sub in the last five mintues.
  15. http://buffstreamz.com/watch/soccer-stream.php
  16. 75m euros is a no brainer for willian, i dont really care where he goes.
  17. cant wait for del boy and trigger
  18. he's like 1,45m are we sure he would be good enough for pl
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