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  1. Blue is the colour,football is the game. We're all together,and winning is our aim.So cheer us on through the sun and rain.'cause Chelsea,Chelsea is our name! Wake up guys!
  2. Not suprised about this score.These players fail to remember that they are playing with Chelsea...
  3. Forgot to say Football Manager who is a great game
  4. A arabic stream link 1)http://www.yalla-shoot.com/live/8572/chelsea-fc-vs-tottenham-hotspur.html
  5. A big mistake that we sold KDB,Salah and Schurrle .This season,Willian is doing well but like you said he will never be a leading star in a squad.
  6. Where will you be watching our game v Tottenhahaham
  7. Mister Ranieri deserves all my respect
  8. A beautiful free kick by Drogba
  9. Kane of the WWE!!! Any chance,that Cahill will survive against this wrestler.
  10. No doubt about it ,Willian is the player of this season. Zouma for young player.
  11. A derby is a derby. I hope that all the players will give their 110 % at the Bridge.
  12. Our club is bigger than any player whatever their name(Courtois,Drake,Mr Bean,etc...). Dont' forget that.
  13. This guy ,the first time I saw him playing in Tunisia (he was with l'ESS the rival of my team l'EST). Directly,I felt that he will have an excellent career in Europe. Before he came to Toulouse, Aymen was playing in the position of left-back.
  14. In 2004,my father buy me a jersey of Chelsea FC (Mutu 7,Fly Emirates,Umbro) . At this time, I did not know who is the team (CFC) , because I was only crazy for the national team of Tunisia 2 years later, I was playing at Pro Evolution Soccer 2006. I remark that the blue jersey that I had was of Chelsea FC. Since this time,I became a Blues Boy !
  15. RLC is actually my favorite player for many reasons (his maturity at this age,he is from the academy,ect...). I wish that this summer, Chelsea will come to Montreal
  16. The probable starters according to the Guardian
  17. Hello to all the Blues Boys. This monday ,it will be an important derby.We want the 3 pts.
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