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  1. Everton saying Barkley wants to reconsider in January. Maybe we just told him we'll come for him then since he'll only have a few months on his contract at the time and was injured till start of December anyway. Specially with Drinkwater coming in. Why pay his wages and recovery when he won't be playing anyway.
  2. Apparently Drinkwater is sat outside Cobham without a deal being agreed between the clubs. Ffs.
  3. If we were going to be an hour from deadline day hoping to sign Danny fucking drinkwater for 35+M why would we sell Matic to a direct rival for 40M. This board has no clue.
  4. So what's the update on us signing that Ronaldo kid from Madrid?
  5. Can't say much about Zappacosta, but this shows that the club is trying to give Conte his signings since he definitely sounds like Conte's target. Has to mean things aren't that bad behind the scenes like we were speculating a while ago.
  6. Even if we get Barkley he's injured for nearly three months. Surely, the board realizes how desperately we need depth!
  7. Aurier for 23M and Llorente for 15M to Spurs. Wtf is the Chelsea board doing.
  8. Slightly concerned the only thing different from last season is Fabregas being replaced by Kante in that line up.
  9. Don't see any big deal happening now that other European Clubs can't come up with replacements, no major target is a surplus right now. Cavani/Pogba rumors typical deadline day bullshit.
  10. Absolutely baffles me how this guy is 2 years older than Costa.
  11. From Transfer Central Milan CEO: “Van Ginkel? We are confident. We have made our proposal to Chelsea and are now waiting on an answer. We hope we can get him.”
  12. We were a fucking machine. Get in. Superb stuff. Fabregas was absolutely unreal, best possible start to the season!
  13. Alee.

    Didier Drogba

    If he's out for 4-6 months that means we NEED to buy another striker. Might not be a bad thing if we end up buying a younger more durable striker. Drogba can still work with the team and keep the mood up and then be our impact player at the end of the season.
  14. 2nd in the league, CL Semi, FA Cup Winners. Need a second striker. Bold Prediction: Costa to be in the top 3 scorers of the EPL season.
  15. Fucking ISIS. So sick of militant groups ruining the religion for everyone. Bomb them to hell like we're doing in Pakistan.
  16. Getting really tired of Pre-season now. Can't wait for the real stuff to begin.
  17. Fernando Torres - Chelsea to Wolfsburg Chelsea have publically been saying that Torres is staying put, but talks with Wolfsburg took place this week. He has an offer from the German club and it's now up to him to decide. A decision will be made soon. (Chances of it happening: 8/10). http://talksport.com/football/transfer-insider-chelsea-star-exit-and-arsenal-confident-over-midfielder-deal-140806106063?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=twitterfeed
  18. Not sure if this is a 4-4-2. I think it's our old formation with Torres on the wing surely. Not going with two strikers, just trying to get some bloody use of out Torres.
  19. His last kick in the Champions League and Premier League is going to in a Manchester City shirt. That's disgusting to even think about.
  20. Someone get me anti-depressants. I will puke at the sight of him in a Man City shirt! Surely, he wouldn't agree to it. Still hoping it's just rumors.
  21. Missed the game. Anyone know where I can find the most extensive highlights? Maybe even the entire match? Thanks!
  22. Anyone online right now. Live stream of Gaza being bombed right now: http://www.livestation.com/en/aljazeera-mubasher There are clearly civilians in that area. Proof:
  23. Khair Mubarak. Hope all of you have a blessed day!
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