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  1. One thing is clear - we need midfielder, because Kante-Jorjinho duo isnt working at all.
  2. With that game i cant see how we will beat Real
  3. This midfield isnt working at all..
  4. Theres info that we are going for Gravenberch
  5. With the years he regressed but in his prime years he was a world class MF lol.. Have you watched him in Bayern and first years in Real, he was doing everything and to compare Jorjinho with prime Kroos is hilarious lol..
  6. We need someone like Toni Kroos in his prime years. Haverts and Werner all the time are doing runs behind the defence but no one can see it, or cant pass it.. Our long passes are meh, and i rly think we need upgrade on Jorjinho who can only do 2 things - short pass and showing something with his hands like its others fault.. Theres info about some MF from Ajax - Gravenberch...
  7. Lampard playstyle is simple - 3 ppl in triangle on wings and endless crosses.. No play in the middle. Havertz and Mount dont have 1 pass between them
  8. We are turning into complete english team... Only crosses and what happen..
  9. Mount and Havertz play too wide lol..theres like no midfielders
  10. Fk this wide play, try something through middle with 1-2 passes. Simple and always working in that kind of defence
  11. We dont play as team, again we lay of individual qualities of players infront
  12. I dont like that system, it shows that Lampard doesnt have idea whit his style, and changes system frequently which doesnt help to players..
  13. When we dont have fit wingers why FL dont try with romb in midle like kante dm, mount and kovacic infront of Kante and on top Havertz and 2 strikers like Giroud and Werner..
  14. Well Vesper non of those you mentioned are good for Chelsea.. Maybe for a mid ta le club - yes but we need clasy players
  15. Lampard wants to turn us into a team full with English overrated woods(called football players). The only one i see with potential to be world star is Sancho, rest is trash.
  16. Is Lampard crazy?? Caballero again wtf??
  17. For an AMF ill go for Odegard.. Much better than Mount
  18. Barkley??? What a joke of player he is.
  19. Just look what Bayern are doing in Germany...
  20. Barkley played well? Even a 70 years old granddad is faster with ball on his legs
  21. Only dead wood in this squad... Only one who deservs to be in starting 11 is Kovacic!
  22. This is because our board is pathetic and we wont sing anyone or we will sign another Drinkshit..
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