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  1. this line drawing is getting funnier and funnier, like the delibaretly ignoring opponent's body parts
  2. We are actually laughable how pathetic we are
  3. Frank Lampard Frank Lampard Frank Lampard
  4. Mount missing another chance And Vardy scores. Thursday nights
  5. Officially cursed. That is what we are.
  6. We won 2-1 at Villa Park last season. First game after the restart.
  7. One good thing - in 50 minutes we will finally have the answer and the season will be over. At last.
  8. We were losing 1-0 at HT last season as well, and turned it around. Granted there were no fans unlike today. Changes are absolutely needed
  9. Well, we are sill through thanks to our GD, Leicester just cannot win
  10. Kovacic again, wake the fuck up
  11. ffs book Grealish already you twat
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