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  1. Got a stream here! http://www.atdhe.cc/soccer/stream-583c52-chelsea-southampton?l=1455393347
  2. I'm looking for a stream as well.. not having much luck!
  3. I like the shirts myself, the design is incredible.. the only thing I'm finding a bit dull, is the badge. Don't get me wrong, I understand the badge is there to represent our club, but what I'm seeing from a lot of clubs nowadays, is the idea of changing the way the club badge looks on the jersey as opposed to the actual one. I actually edited this picture I found, and I replaced the normal badge with something like this? I want to see this design on our shirts in the future.. it's almost like the way our badge showed up in earlier years when we had Osgood playing for us, but it's
  4. No definitely not both of them. Bakayoko looks like more of a possibility than Tolisso. If we get Bakayoko and sell Matic, we'll end up with Kante, Fabregas, and Bakayoko as central options, with Loftus-Cheek and Baker as our homegrown players in and amongst them. I don't think we need to go beyond this! People seem to forget about homegrown players and we need enough of these to compete in Europe next season. Plus, I think Lewis Baker can be a big player for us. Conte can find some good stuff in him! He just helped Vitesse win a Dutch Cup, so it's not as if he isn't understanding wh
  5. Selling Matic would not be a big miss. I think the whole idea of bringing in Bakayoko has put a firm line under his time at Chelsea and it's time for him to move on. Not exactly a reliable player IMO anyway, in the 14/15 season he was phenomenal, but he's never been the same since that season. Under Mourinho, he'll probably find his form again, not under Conte though, sadly.
  6. First post here, for a LONG time!! My local town is Peterborough, so of course I'm sad to see them go out, but I'm glad we've been able to pick ourselves up quickly after the Spurs loss, and we've dodged an FA Cup banana skin today! Two great goals from Pedro, and also good to see Batshuayi on the scoresheet as well. Away to Leicester next.. tough venue to go, but I'm confident we can bounce back in the league with a win.
  7. Simply put... We didn't fucking turn up. Conte got it all fucking wrong. Chose to put on a defender for an ATTACKING MIDFIELDER at 3-0 down. Cahill, Ivanovic, Courtois and Luiz were all so fucking terrible, I'd release them all on free transfers tomorrow! Hazard and Willian both choked in a game we expected them to take control of. No service for Costa .. ALL FUCKING GAME. Wasn't just Arsenal who humiliated Chelsea.. Chelsea humiliated themselves! One of the most embarrassing games of football I have ever witnessed in all my life!
  8. I have nobody to blame but the board. How in fucks name are they still at the helm??
  9. 32 not a bad call actually ... ... he can't have 23 because Batshuayi has it.
  10. Exactly... Imagine Granovskaia / Emenalo trying to get a deal done for Rodriguez. (if the deal falls through, Emenalo will give up and then suggest that we sign Jack Wilshere on loan)
  11. Beautiful beautiful finish from Eden Hazard!!
  12. Something like £55 million + Fabregas would make sense because Real apparently want to take Fabregas.. but whatever bid we do offer, it would be very ambitious! I wouldn't mind seeing a team with Hazard, Rodriguez and Costa in it every week...
  13. *sigh* So much for blooding the youngsters!
  14. but we were prepared to sell players like Juan Mata (once a Chelsea player of the year) to United for £37m. Sterling went from Liverpool to City for £49m. Strange things have happened.. if big money is offered, the player will go.. unless City want to keep him. In this case, it's clear that City don't, so it'll be no surprise that they will hold out for a big offer. Rivalry doesn't really talk big anymore.
  15. Not exactly a rumor but... not a bad alternative if we can't get Koulibaly am I right??? Eliaquim Mangala leads Pep Guardiola's clearout as Manchester City boss looks to remove deadwood http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3730149/Eliaquim-Mangala-leads-Pep-Guardiola-s-clear-Manchester-City-boss-looks-remove-deadwood.html Would you consider Mangala as an option, if we can't get Koulibaly from Napoli? I don't care if he's good / bad, I'd take ANY defender right now!!
  16. Really disappointed that we're losing someone like Oscar. He was one player I really wanted to see become an important player for us and have a colourful career with us. But there was so much about his game that just didn't fit. Too lightweight, no passion, couldn't tackle, poor shooting.. it's the right choice to let him go I think. We want players who can play football, not run around the pitch showing no desire. Oscar was one of those players. We're making £9m profit on him as well if we sell him for £30m. And yes I said "disappointed", but that doesn't mean I don't want him
  17. Bullet dodged! We got Kante anyway!
  18. Please excuse me for sounding like a complete idiot but... LINDELOF IS A SWEEEEDE!! OMG if this fucking happens..... On a serious note, it's mature to point out he's not the best option out there.. would rather get Bonucci. But Victor is SWEDISH, THAT'S OK WITH ME!!!
  19. I'd rather chase PSG up for Matuidi to be honest..
  20. A lot of money to be splashing around if things don't materialise for Jose and United.. and here was me thinking the Glazers had sucked them dry!
  21. Did I hear that correctly?? £10m?? Fuck me Diego Lopez is the sort of name you'd get on a free transfer given his age...
  22. LMFAO! I was literally waiting for this to turn up! Real Madrid are so predictable! by the way NO!
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