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  1. Would personally rather see us go for Lemar or Fekir before approaching Bailey!
  2. Would rather wait for Lemar or Fekir.
  3. Yeah I thought so! Remember disagreeing with him but he was only wrong about the time course of how this would play out. And yep, I'm on cfcnet too.
  4. Can easily move hazard to the centre for reus to play lw
  5. If Juve played Chelsea who would you prefer to win?
  6. pretty sure they've been ordered to pay up http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/24587804
  7. The killer is when players already on high salaries sign a new contract. If Shaw gets a 6 figure contract at 18, we will be held hostage when he is 22/23.
  8. Nice post. Were you a poster on CFCnet by any chance?
  9. I find it bizarre that you have to impose what you think football is about upon other people. I do enjoy this sense of community that comes from supporting a team of my choosing, but to say that it is ALL about emotional stuff completely discounts the fact that sport also is a display of technical skill and athletic prowess. Other people might value that more than in the team they support.
  10. ?? Bizarre statement. No one blames Terry when we lose.
  11. Cech Azpi Terry Cahill LB Matic Oscar Willian Hazard Reus Costa One can hope!
  12. There is nothing wrong with him - there was something wrong with AVB. If he is really ready to play for us (even in a squad role) then why isn't he getting any time at all in a Valencia side that is struggling mightily at the moment? He doesn't even get on their bench at times.
  13. Think it's more down to tactics with ivan. Can change to 3 at the back easier and also a set piece threat
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