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  1. His form wasn't great, he was fed up and wanted out, Jose was fed up and wasn't fussed if he stayed, then Real made a good offer.
  2. Well, you could certainly be right so I won't take that bet but I don't think Cancelo has been that good over the last couple of months. Of the two I'd say he's most at risk of not starting.
  3. I think Stones & Zinchenko will start in Istanbul so not really their first choice defence.
  4. After a poor touch that killed any chance he would get a strike on goal.
  5. Seems like a quiet sit down is in order.
  6. Absolutely delighted that Tino Livramento is on the bench. Great young player. The opportunity may not come for him to get on today but I hope it does before the end of the season.
  7. I think we have needed defensive reinforcements for several seasons and they are now imperative. One CB and one LB at a minimum. Starting quality players, not backups.
  8. The tream that plays at home in the second leg has 120 minutes, i.e. 30 extra minutes of home advantage, to score the winning goal if necessary. Swings & roundabouts.
  9. Maybe seeing 36 year old Silva at all shows that their minds have already changed?
  10. That's good. Very good, but 8 out of 9 has a nicer ring to it.
  11. We all deal with tension in our own way.
  12. Not for me. The Premier League title outranks everything else.
  13. Don't want to tempt anything but the situation is not the same.
  14. Eight years ago I posted (elsewhere) that Ruben would be lucky to earn a place in a league one team unless he learned to impose his his ability on the game. Three years ago I posted that in the interest of all concerned Chelsea should allow Ruben to find himself a permanent move. That decision is long overdue now. Anyone who watched Ruben as a youngster could see the talent and the physical attributes. Unfortunately after noticing the potential, they would eventually also notice that the package never amounts to anything. He has no future at this level and, as I feared in 2013, I'm afraid he n
  15. The away goal rule will do that to you. Some hate it but I love it. Adds an extra dimension to European football.
  16. I don't know if allowing fans is being considered but at Wembley it is easier to channel fans through different transport hubs and avoid crowding them together at pinch points.
  17. My point in the run up to Timo's signing was that almost every time a supposed hot property is available to Chelsea that should already be a clue that we should lower our expectations. Players who are genuinely wanted by the elite teams don't choose Chelsea. Eden, for example, dropped a hint that the only reason he did not go straight to Real was because the were not going to play him.
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