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  1. False, Eto'o had better seasons in 05/06, 08/09 and 10/11. Drogba was a fantastic big game player but Eto'o was the same as well: only 4 players in modern Champions League have scored in two different finals, and they are Eto'o, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Raul. Eto'o is the only player in history to have done two Trebles with different teams, and he trumps Drogba in overall goals, assists, club trophies, national trophies (2 African Cups, whose is all time top scorer, vs Drogba's zero) and personal achievements. Didier obviosuly is THE Chelsea Legend, one of the best african players ever and
  2. Well, Cristina is great when it comes to score hattricks against ridicolous and weak sides; in doing that he is GOAT, no doubt. Also, if it was for Cristiano R. no "La Decima" for Real, in final he has been horrid, and, as always, he scored a shitload of useless goals in the group stages. Not to talk about the WC: 30 shots, 1 useless goal and shithorse performances. Yep, 3rd golden ball is a must.
  3. In Russia, making 20,5 mln per year, after winning 2 African Cups, 2 Intercontinental Cups, a bunch of Ligas and Copa del Rey, a Serie A, 2 Italian Cups, an Italian Supercup, 3 Champions League (with 2 Trebles)... oh yeah, Mourinho saved him. On the contrary, I'd say that, if not for Eto'o, Mourinho wouldn't have a freaking Treble in his palmares. Despite the "problems" in the past between Chelsea and Eto'o, he came here, and while clearly past his prime (that was obvious, you wouldn't get a prime Eto'o free), he gave it all for the team, scored 12 goals in no more than 30 games or so, and sho
  4. Here's the full interview: Eto'o speaks about Africa in 2014 Brazil WC
  5. Atletico >>>>>>>>>>>> shitty PSG. It will be so hard.
  6. Oh look, Blondie's fanboys have raged: how cute. Also, even Mourinho has made mistakes, and I can question everyone I want without your permission, my dear Keyboard warrior. Yeah? And Torres is shite.
  7. Ramires, Oscar, Salah and also Ivanovic were HORRID, RIDICOLOUS today: so, no matter how much strong your team is, you can't win with 4 less players on the football pitch. But this doesn't mean the rest of the team played a bad game.
  8. I disagree, not the whole tem has been shit, not at all: too easy to say something like that.
  9. Yes, I think I have seen his name on the scorer sheet. Half of the team is made by donkeys who can't pass the freaking ball or defend a leading goal against a ridicolous team, but yeah, it is Eto'o's fault. Cahill: good game Terry: good game Azpi: still a good game Matic: not his best performance but, compared to Ramires, a beautiful game Willian: a beast, since he has to play for himself, Oscar, Salah and Ramires aswell Eto'o: the team, bar Willian, didn't give him a fucking ball, and still he almost scored a double. Players above have no fault today.
  10. Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Matic, Willian, Eto'o: as long as they're great players, you still can't win if you play with only six players on the pitch, 'cause the rest of the team was FUCKING SHIT.
  11. Hamon


    Ridicolous, exactly like Ramires.
  12. Thanks for subbing off Eto'o, at home, when you have to fuckin' win. The MOVE OF A MASTER.
  13. Well, there was: Eto'o. But clever Mourinho took him off and put the blond shite in. WHAT A MOVE!
  14. Ah! That's what you get when you sub off Eto'o in a game you have to fuckin' win!
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