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The Transfer Ban


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Does this mean Kakuta can't play in the CC game against QPR?

Two fucking years, appeal! It is such a stupid penalty, yes maybe we shouldn't have done it, but every fucking team does it. I think UEFA and FIFA really dislike us for some reason, but this is fucking unreal. He is only a kid and if he can't play any Chelsea matches for two whole years, that just stupid. The kid is only young, and just wanted to make a brighter career.

Your worried about Kakuta not playing for two years? He got a 6-month ban btw, and We're not signing anyone for two years!

Do you know what that means? We have to fucking keep hold of our 30+ players for two more years cause if they leave, we're fucking fucked!

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Seige mentality.......we'll be come a stronger unnit because of this. Loads of people on random forums are writing our chances off of winning the title this season.

tbh, this decision makes no real difference on this seasons title race. We'd be unlikely to have brought anyone inb during the January window anyway. Win the title, win the CL and stick two fingers up at UEFA/FIFA.

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Can we appeal against it?

I heard on another forum, it's just two transfer windows, which is like 1 year. But still, WHAT FUCKING CUNTS!! Hopefully come January/Febuary, we give Kakuta first team apperances just to pissed off Fifa. I am not to bothered with the whole non-transfers as i could see us using our youngsters more, but i also want to know, can we sell players?

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what the fuck?!!!

every big club has done it at least once but how come we always get the blame.....


how come they can get away with it.....

probably another one of FIFA's attemps to stop us from winning the champions league!!!!

censored.gifTHIS IS A FUCKING DISGRACE!!! censored.gifcensored.gifreadthemessage.gifrant.gif

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Yeah this season wont change, its just gonna hit us in the summer when our 30+ year olds will be older and we can't replace them. Belletti, Ballack, Deco & co will have to stay beyond the rest of this season for sure. BUT..... We do have an awesome squad, anyone else woulda been really fucked so we are lucky in that respect. Sure we might get it reduced they'll just say we can't buy in the summer so we wont get anywhere.

Unprecedented stuff going on but we'll come out of this strong, i'm not THAT concerned, concerned sure but not crying bout it. You can't brake Chelsea Fifa.

Just imagine the look on Platini's face when JT lifts the UCL trophy.

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Sorry for the out-bust earlier unsure.gif


rolleyes.gif ), Borini etc ..

Hopefully this makes us more united, We can overcome it, got alot of players, this also means we get to develop DiSanto, Stoch, Kakuta (

most of our best youngsters are out on season-long loans (sinclair, mannciene, di santo, stoch) kakutas my favourite youngster aswel fifa are faggets

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