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The Transfer Ban


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Until January 2011, just broke on Skysports News.

On the occasion of its last meeting held on 27 August 2009, the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) was called to pass a decision in a contractual dispute opposing the French club Lens to the French player Gael Kakuta and the English club Chelsea.

The French club had lodged a claim with FIFA seeking compensation for breach of contract from the player and requesting also sporting sanctions to be imposed on the player and the English club for breach of contract and inducement to breach of contract respectively.

The DRC found that the player had indeed breached a contract signed with the French club. Equally, the DRC deemed it to be established that the English club induced the player to such a breach.

As a result the player was condemned to pay compensation in the amount of EUR 780,000, for which the club, Chelsea, are jointly and severally liable, and sporting sanctions were imposed on both the player and Chelsea in accordance with art. 17 par. 3 and 4 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

A restriction of four months on his eligibility to play in official matches has been imposed on Kakuta. Chelsea are banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for the two next entire and consecutive registration periods following the notification of the present decision. Furthermore, the club, Chelsea, have to pay Lens training compensation in the amount of EUR 130,000.

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Someone please Explain this to me??

Is this Bann only is for youg kids or is it for the Club ??

Because if this is the Case, We are so Fuck?? That mean we can buy any player in the next 2 Transfer Windows (Dicember2009-Jun/Agost2010)???

This can be Posibly !!

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Turned Sky Sports news on as it was breaking through, i don't know what to believe or think, its utter madness, we got him 2 years ago ffs. Tapping up happens all the time no matter how its done its still tapping up and we are being made an example of. Whether its UEFA or FIFA or whoever the fuck it is, or both, they don't like English teams, they don't like the English dominance a they will find and do whatever they can to fuck us up, especially because of what happened with that cunt from norway with the whistle.

Ok making Kakuta end his contract like that was maybe wrong but ffs who else would be banned like that? Barca? Real? yeah i think not. Never seen this happen before, inept anti-english cunts

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Does this mean Kakuta can't play in the CC game against QPR?

Two fucking years, appeal! It is such a stupid penalty, yes maybe we shouldn't have done it, but every fucking team does it. I think UEFA and FIFA really dislike us for some reason, but this is fucking unreal. He is only a kid and if he can't play any Chelsea matches for two whole years, that just stupid. The kid is only young, and just wanted to make a brighter career.

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