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  1. Yeah I’ve been saying that a long time. I despise the way international games criss-cross with club matches. Far preferable to do them in one lump.
  2. I must have blinked and missed Henrique Hilario’s stint at spurs!
  3. What's Silva's language adaptibilty like? Did he speak French or Italian when he played there?
  4. tizerist


    Regarding selling Willian to Barcelona, until this transfer ban is over, we're in no position to trim our squad further, especially of experienced players. Forget the money, just for this season. Keeping hold of personnel has to be the priority for now.
  5. Well I'm concerned. The league kicks off on the 12th and our only strikers are Batshuayi and Remy. We've just lost Costa on top of Solanke, Traore, and Abraham, on loan. oh, and our most important player JT. Chelsea really need to pull their fingers out because we're in danger of going into this seriously undercooked. Our pre-season schedule is absolute barebones too.
  6. I really fancy Rosella Ayane. Best looking footballer ever
  7. Ooh..a loss? I'm not sure I can do a loss, especially not a 6-0 one. I prefer the North Korean method in these situations: Get rid of it, delete it from history, deny it ever happened. In that order. Thanks for the link though
  8. It's to do with Peter Selery, a goalkeeper from the 60's I think, fans would try and distract him by singing 'celery, celery' and throwing it around, and it just stuck.
  9. Look at this bbc article from 2002. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/chelsea/2298897.stm The giant was still sleeping back in those days, so why exactly were some people obsessed about us? Even back then, when trophies and cash were in short supply? Makes you wonder doesn't it?
  10. This is why I like Ancelotti so much. He won the double while blooding young Josh. Wasn't afraid to pick one or two youngsters out and integrate them properly. If only he had been around a year or two more, he was trying to look ahead but not given opportunity to carry it on. Top manager.
  11. Good articles. I agree that signings recently have had a more observant eye cast over them, and he's got a degree of credit for that. How much exactly, I don't know. I think that he can co-exist with Jose there. It appears they do too lol
  12. Our pace is picking up a bit now, and Newcastle's too, by the sound of it. Demba Ba, you gotta score dude!
  13. Between Man City II and Singha All-Star XI it's 7 weeks. Scary stuff.
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