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  1. Regarding Luiz sale: even though the registration happens on 1st July, surety of receving the money makes it possible to account that in the 2013/14 year. That is perfectly right according to accounting standards.Without that we would have recorded a loss for the year.Hence i presume we have included that as well in the accounts. My two cents
  2. the reason it's a 2 year loan is because that's more beneficial to Chelsea FFP-wise than simply giving him a free transfer.
  3. Berlusconi is coming to milan (AC milan forums) .He usually comes for announcing big name players only (Not interested in watching training etc). Where do I pay for his orgy???
  4. We should have a Galliani statue outside the bridge along with drogbas. That man is a legend!!
  5. heard milan has some 8pm announcement scheduled?? Wonder what?? pleas be this
  6. we are refreshing the page the same way we were during Jan 31st 2011... Ahh!
  7. I feel we are ditching torress and making a move for welbeck. Please be true!!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbiswuZBWM8 Just couldnot stop sharing this.. watch it friends.. and let me know if you could stop a drop of tear rolling down.
  9. if this is what it takes to push fernando out of the bridge, I AM IN!! obv. I want rooney to come here as well..
  10. Reminds me of some bollywood movies.VIlain chasing the hero... and train appears infront..
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