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  1. To be honest, now when we sealed the Batshuayi deal, I'd much rather spend big on midfield and defense than splashing 50m on Morata.
  2. I could see him in PL even now, but even as a Slovak I wouldn't want to him to be here, when he was in top form back in 2012 we could've signed him....
  3. I don't really follow him that closely but he doesn't seems like a troll either. I'm hoping the bomb is either Stones or CM, if it's Pogba I might have a heart attack from excitement, all that's left is hope.
  4. just a speculation but this is the guy who said pedro is coming some time before everyone else:
  5. http://www.ziveprenosy.cz/2015/04/chelsea-manchester-united-premier-league-watch-live-online-stream-zive-nazivo-prenos-football-fotbal-17-4-2015-1830-april-soccer-match-sledovat-dnes-zdarma-football-internet-watch-free-today-broadc/
  6. We have a special ability: making teams world class even when they're not...
  7. it's correct until the triangle thing this is not illuminati but half life 3 confirmed.
  8. works fine for me, try it if you want: http://www.ziveprenosy.cz/2015/01/chelsea-newcastle-united-premier-league-watch-live-online-stream-zive-nazivo-prenos-football-fotbal-10-1-2015-1600-january-soccer-match-sledovat-dnes-zdarma-football-internet-watch-free-today-broad/
  9. Our team is well balanced and does have a great future, with all respect to messi i'm 100% against this.
  10. thanks a lot. fucking work :/ i'll be home not until 11pm so i hope it'll be uploaded
  11. hey guys, i need your help. i won't be able to watch tomorrow's match, do anyone know forum or site which uploads full match soon after the match ends? best would be w/o spoilers.
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