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  1. Seems to be that way. Saw someone mention (again on Facebook) that he remembers when were losing to teams like Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Oxford United to mention a few.
  2. My thoughts exactly Kez and I don't think it's just AVB being labelled a bad manager, some of the shit i've read on facebook is unbelievable, where people are berating the whole team and saying we need to get rid of players now, even read someone say that Cech should be given the boot which I found alarming. What we all need to do and to continue to do is to show AVB and the team our support.
  3. Let's just whip their Arses, altogether now, There's Only One, Arsene Wenger, There's only One Arsene Wenger, With a Packet of Sweets and a Cheeky Smile.....I leave someone else to finish this off :giggle:
  4. Frustrated, tired, , never seem to have enough time to do anything, need to sort out some sort of timetable to get things done. Happy times tomorrow, looking forward to the match, will probably get completely drunk.
  5. Superb play by us for what was a highly entertaining match. .Only real gripe was Anelka who is really infuriating me lately, missing a perfect opportunity to score against QPR and missing the penalty on Wednesday. Excellent support as always from us.
  6. OK thanks, I was wondering whether the ban covers all domestic matches. Rather hoping it didn't. Even more important then that AVB chooses wisely.
  7. I think it would make sense to play Bosingwa and Drogba as both will be out for the next couple of PL games and AVB needs to think about the match against L'Arse on Saturday. I would guess he will play a similar side to the one against Fulham in the previous round, starting Drogba instead of Kalou and perhaps Bosingwa instead of Ferreira. I can see match going past 90 minutes, to extra time and penalties.
  8. I think we could have and should have picked up a point yesterday. Very impressed with the way we performed when we were down to 9 men, that just showed how we were the better team.
  9. He's practically part of the furniture
  10. RIP I'd recommend any Chelsea fan to read the following blog by fellow Chelsea fan and author Mark Worrall as it makes you truly appreciate Matthew Harding's contribution to the club http://markworrall.blogspot.com/2011/10/man-who-loved-life-tribute-to-matthew.html
  11. An impressive dispaly from us to beat what looked like a very weakened Genk side, so looking forward to the away leg in 2 weeks time. Have to say fair play to their fans, they sang all the way through, and had to laugh when they did what sounded like a rendition of the scum anthem - You'll Never Walk Alone amongst other things.
  12. I baptise you in the name of the father, son and holy spirit
  13. Had to laugh when he said that he would invite Frank over for a cup of tea, but I think Christine would have to come too.
  14. Home Country: UK Countries I have been to or passed through Wales Scotland France Belgium Holland Germany Poland Hungary Italy Austria Denmark Greece USA Would like to visit Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and China.
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