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  1. Seriously can't wait until that prick is gone from the club. He's convinced some people that he's done well with the team too, to bring them to a top 4 dog fight with the team we have?! Meh... I never normally react at games and goad the manager but when I saw that Benayoun was coming on I lost it, it was an unbelievable sub
  2. Really looking forward to him coming in, we've been playing without a striker for ages.
  3. Obviously Moscow and the Semi vs Uefalona. Next to that was a recent one, Newcastle at home I think last season or before that where we lost or drew. I remember them scoring from a corner and the team had just given up. It was so frustrating.
  4. Wigan at home, last game of the season. The whole stadium on their feet for the whole game. The way we celebrated when Anelka scored was immense. The party afterwards, one of the best days of my life
  5. I don't think we'll win this. I think Leeds will nick it in extra time
  6. Wow Torres off, never thought that I would see that happen
  7. We've signed Own Goals from Man United!
  8. I'm using this stream http://bestfoot.yolasite.com/channel1.php Engrish! Interesting game so far, no pressure for us which is good
  9. I totally agree with this!
  10. The man is an absolute legend in my eyes and my hero. Goodbye sir. You've been a fantastic player for us and thank you for all the memories
  11. I really haven't got the money to buy the Champions top at the moment. I'll just have to wait
  12. It's time to rebuild right. We've been given a gift to play in the CL next season though. It's time for the next generation. We'll see more of Betrand too which is great news. I would love a midfield of Josh, Romeu and Ramires against lower ranked teams in the league.
  13. Legend. We've only had 1 striker whilst others came and gone, Drogba.
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