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  1. Highly doubt Leicester will part with him for less than 70 mill
  2. Don't be discouraged from the low offer. Marina is said to be a very good negotiator, and I have studied negotiation techniques. It seems that she is "laying the anchor" first before they quote a price in order to try and meet between the amounts. If the 60 mill offer is correct, I'm sure she wants to meet at around 80-90.
  3. Panicked a little seeing that, but I feel he is trying to make it look like Chelsea are unable to get him for the price Bayer wants. Putting a little pressure on Bayer and Havertz to try his best to convince Bayer.
  4. For some reason I feel happy with this as Sarri basically gave up on Chelsea and jumped ship right away when Juve came calling.
  5. If it is 4-5 weeks then that is pretty good considering how much it could have been.
  6. This ref should be fired, but of course won't be. So fucking disappointing.
  7. Just like RLC and CHO last season. Our brightest young player gets injured in the end of the season.
  8. Pulls a hammy but still tries his best to finish off the goal. What a soldier!
  9. lol then the ref blows the whistle for half time when we get a counter attack even a few seconds before the added time is up
  10. How come Werner is so much in and around the squad right now but I can't see Ziyech anywhere?
  11. Also pretty tall, 189cm, and pretty fast as well.
  12. Its hard to get a permit to be a worm All jokes aside, he must have been able to. He has played for the national side and clubs spend lots of money for him.
  13. Yeah I never understood why he wasn't given a bigger chance. At first it was a visa problem, but that couldn't be the case for the last three seasons as he has been playing for some top teams and playing well.
  14. I've said before that Eddie Howe is a great young manager. He is the next Brendan Rodgers in my mind. Leicester made the mistake of losing a player to a Howe side.
  15. Werner and Ziyech must be looking forward to this
  16. Zouma is a fucking beast. That is all.
  17. Mason and Pulisic brilliant. Zouma pretty good along with Willian and Giroud. Reece needs to buck his ideas up if he doesn't want to go on another loan.
  18. Well Gilmour had to cover for Reece
  19. Pulisic affecting every game extremely positively after the restart!
  20. What a free kick! Yet again Pulisic gets the foul leading to a goal!
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