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  1. Seems like we are now trying out the Scandinavian youth with plenty from Finland especially.
  2. Is Lampard telling his players to say something to refs so they get a red card and won't have to play these nonessential games
  3. If Alaba is getting 400k what is stopping Werner, Kova and more asking for a similar amount?
  4. Two great passes from Chilwell in this game to switch the play as well.
  5. And this is without our star signing of the season, Havertz!
  6. Now we need CHO for Werner and Giroud for Tammy
  7. Yeah last two were really great from him
  8. We have been knocking on the door. What attacking power we have!
  9. That goal was what Lampard wanted with the moving 8 going into the box
  10. Ziyech trying to make up for his mistake with the killer pass too often now.
  11. He just can't catch a break there in Madrid!
  12. So Rudiger is over Tomori in the pecking order because he asked nicely?
  13. Actually shocked that we have been given that pen and Dalbert even gets sent off!!
  14. Attackers can go forward and take chances knowing Kanté is there to mop everything up if they lose possession
  15. After his post I understand why he specifically stated that Lampard helped him regain confidence in himself.
  16. Yeah Zouma is pretty slow at passing, but sometimes he can pull off some good ones. He also isn't afraid of just banging it in the air when he is trouble.
  17. Feel bad for their keeper though. He looked like he hadn't slept at all last night. Probably stressed against the biggest side he has competed against. He is 21 so maybe he wanted to shine and earn a move somewhere. Looked so disappointed, but he could have saved CHO's and Puli's goals.
  18. Werner with a Lampard'esque penalty
  19. CHO really needs to shoot better. So often his sidefoot shots are dreadful and straight to the keeper.
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