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  1. Oh, unreal. Can't wait for him to do his low crosses vs Real and show pashun.
  2. Charly did more in 25 minutes than Willian in 150. Not even a debate.
  3. The most awful footballer I have had the dignity of watching. Alongside Matic. Can't wait for him to be binned.
  4. http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-make-enquiry-for-bayern-munichs-renato-sanches-as-blues-join-manchester-united-in-race-for-a3598191.html Apparently, we've enquired. Says the friendship between Conte and Ancelotti could be key. Fingers crossed.
  5. Let me start this long post off by saying: "I do not want Lukaku, as much, nor do I rate him as big as some people do." However, Lukaku has massively improved. I was one of the people who was slating him, because he really was frustrating. But, Koeman has worked on his technical aspects. I will lay out my arguments on why Lukaku would be able to replace Diego and why he wouldn't, so please bear with me, here: - Diego isn't better than him technically - Diego is as frustrating as you can get, when off form. Dire passing, no dribbling ability, rarely manages to hold on to the ball, can't
  6. http://www.getfootballnewsfrance.com/2017/five-of-europes-best-continue-to-chase-benjamin-mendy/ Selling me dreams.
  7. What you just said is wrong on socmany levels, lol. If they had one of Lemar, Fabinho or Silva that doesn't meant they are getting top 2. Quite the opposite. They don't chip in with 30 goals and assists individuay, lol. Not to mention that Bakayoko is good, you've just watched him vs Juve and you're basing yourself of that. As of Silva, Lemar or Fabinho were good then? They weren't. But it's just because Bakayoko is tasked with carrying the ball forward and a missplaced pass led to a goal, he is automatically bad. Which he isn't. While the others stood, doing next to nothing. Nor t
  8. He's better than Matic already. Yes, he wasn't good versus big teams, but this is his breakout sesason, give the boy a shot. Not to mention, that the article is either translated badly or something, because from where I read it, it said we are giving Monaco a maximum of 40 mil. Euro.
  9. James basically said his goodbyes to the Bernabeu. As far as reports go, us, United and Juve are interested. Could we have gotten our man or is he nailed on for Mourinho
  10. Is he THAT good? I've barely caught a glimpse. Please, enlighten me.
  11. Do people really watch him? I've not seen much people praise him, in fact, quite the opposite.
  12. People tend to forget this is basically his breakout season. Nobody was expecting him to be next to Fabinho this year. Not to mention people are basing it solely off CL games. He is still young and has room to improve. He's light years ahead of Matic already. Keep in mind, I like the lad, but I do think someone like Naby Keita or Radja Nainggolan would fit us better. However, I can see the hype surrounding him.
  13. I am still baffled how you are 1.94 and can't win an aerial duel to save your life. He literally left Enner Valencia to win the ball in the air, rather than just taking it off him, lmao.
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