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  1. Anybody got a good stream? thx in advance boys
  2. he still has played the best pass of the game, if pedro wouldnt have f-ed up....
  3. Question is can he adjust to it. Struggled with this in the Primera Divison also. His game with the back to the goal is awful tbh. Beside the goal and the lucky assist he is god damn awful. Also his runs are mistimed and he has no connection with the rest of the attacking team so far. If he doesnt get better fast, I see a difficult season coming up ...
  4. if we cant beat Roma and Quarabag, we have nothing to do in the knockout stage....
  5. what should he do? isnt getting any support at all. mostly alone against 3,4 defenders.
  6. Bakayoko was rather decent. Dont get the critcism on here. Christensen was god damn awful. Kane ragdolled our defence the whole half. Willian+ Morata both invisible, due to our way of play. If the 2nd half will be like the last 10 mins, we wont hold on for long.
  7. CheIsTransfer‏ @CheIsTransfer 19 Min.vor 19 Minuten Although Leicester do not plan on selling Drinkwater, Chelsea want to test their resolve with a £40m bid. (Sky) #CFC #LCFC
  8. So we loan out Chalobah and Co to get Danny effing Drinkwater?!?! If this is for real, than Conte wont last next season. You cant have another miracle with these squad, if we continue to weaken our squad. No new wingbacks, lacking CMs and getting mediocre or subpar players for it, relying on two newbie strikers etc etc. We are in for a tough season lads if not for some miracle our board starts acting...
  9. To be honest, he always played better when coming on as a sub compared to when he started the game from the beginning. Afraid that this will happen for us too...hopefully he can step his game up or we are in for a nightmare next season.
  10. You are right, he is better than Lukaku (which isnt very difficult to be...). Dont know about Belotti, havent seen much from him. We dont know who Conte truly wanted. Fact is, we bid for Lukaku same amount as United and have been hunting him the whole summer- seems like he was Option No 1 from us. Physical thing is also important. Morata isnt really a strong player, could see him being manhandled by some defenders in the EPL. A big risk move, but as Aguero isnt available, probably the best chance we have. Conte seems like he doesnt want Aubameyang, even though I dont know why...would
  11. Moratas first touch is one of his weakest points. He is better than Lukaku at this, but nowhere near Lewandowski or Suarez level. 80 m is way overpaid for him, but well, the market is like it is. Lukaku would have been the better option for Conte though, who likes to play with a target man (did it for Italy too with Pelle).
  12. Lyon have confirmed that the sum is just 10 !!!! m euros + 15 % sell-on clause. Incredible that we sell such a young prospect for such a sum. The one who handled this transfer should get the boot immediately.
  13. Meh. Dont see much improvement on Matic here. Maybe a little bit more mobile, but we would have needed someone who can create and buid-up the play. Tolisso would have been much better, as he is technically superior. Hopefully we'll sign another CM. Kante is enough to cover up, we need more attacking power. Especially with Hazard missing the start of the season. Tolisso would be an awesome addition.
  14. Great win, but god damn we was awful. Spurs much, much better footballing side than we are. If they keep their lot together and buy some players to have a larger bench, they are probably favorites next season. Conte has to fix how to play against high-pressuring sides, absolutely depressing playing forward (incredible how we managed to score 4 goals ffs).
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