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  1. He's been one of Inter's best players this season. Him, Brozovic, and Skriniar. Also worth noting that they have Gosens just coming back from injury and have been linked to players such as Dybala who will command a high wage. So you can see the reluctance from them not wanting to extend his contract.
  2. He'd effectively replace both Christensen and Azpi due to his versatility. From what I've seen from Ajax fans they rate him as highly and some even higher than De Ligt. Oh well.
  3. What do you think of Timber from Ajax for RCB? Reckon he's Utd bound?
  4. I liked Chiesa a lot but obviously his injury has affected things. Rafael Leao is also very talented but probably impossible to get. Bryan Mbeumo from Brentford imo has the potential to be a Mane-like signing for any top team that gets him. We have Werner who should be this type of player, except he cant shoot, pass, dribble, anything.
  5. Broja hasn't been scoring recently but his skillset is extremely unique compared to most strikers out there at the moment. Tall, but rapid with good dribbling. I think he can become really really good. Like if he went to Dortmund next season he'd become one of the most coveted strikers in football. My ideal scenario is to bring him back as strong competition with Havertz, and sign a great winger who can also operate as a striker if need be. Kind of like a Son-esque player.
  6. Kind of ironic that the most natural Rudiger replacement, in terms of his main attributes (speed and aggression), is someone we sold for peanuts to Milan with no sort of buyback clause and probably no hope of getting back. Unless we reincarnate R.Madrid Pepe with added pace or somehow manage to bring back Tomori, anyone we get won't be anywhere near as good as Rudiger. Which leads me to think we simply can't make the same mistake with Colwill if he's as good as everyone is saying. Might not be experienced enough or good enough yet but I'd hate to see history continue to repeat itself by s
  7. We didn't play too badly. I only remember them creating two good chances all game, the Salah one in the opening minutes and their first goal. The commentary/crowd might convince people that they were amazing but in all honestly they had a very good 10 minutes after the break and that's it. When you're at the top you always seem to get the luck. 1 in 100 goal vs us again (after Sturridge earlier) and teams not taking clear chances against them. They were extremely lucky not to lose to Spurs aswell.
  8. Kante, Jorginho, & Ruben in midfield is a must. If we start with either Kovacic or Barkley we might aswell take the loss now. The same team vs West Ham should start, only change I can see happening is if we play Hazard as striker and Willian coming in on one wing. Giroud & Higuain have been equally as bad recently so wouldn't be shocked to see Eden there. I enjoy playing these lot. Out of all the top 6 teams I find myself most confident of a result vs them.
  9. That was awful. Truly awful. Haven't seen for a long time a group of supposedly high level players misplacing passes and losing the ball under no pressure ALL game. This is all I could picture while watching:
  10. I don't come here that often but when I do all I see is your extremely riled up posts. I don't even know if it's an ongoing gag of some sort or you genuinely despise the bloke this much You are consistent to be fair
  11. Christ, Sarri really can’t say anything without getting slaughtered by some here. I guess if the whole press conference is basically about CHO then there’s bound to be one thing you can have a pop at. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Agreed. Any manager would understand Kepa wanting to stay on, but actually refusing to come off and staying on? That's a different story & unacceptable. It's just a shame after a completely unexpected and great performance that this is what will be talked about for god knows how long.
  13. I think most managers would have lost it in that situation. I took him walking off as a way of calming himself down before returning to the bench. The commentator instantly suggesting that he was 'walking away from Chelsea'. Obviously you can interpret it however you want.
  14. The difference is that Emery sets up his teams with the opponents team in mind. Pep and Sarri set up their way regardless of what the opponent does, everyone has to react to them and not the other way around (the exception being Liverpool away for City when they were far more defensive). An Emery comparison would make far less sense than the other two. You can exclude the managers anyway, that wasn't the basis of what was trying to be said & in no way an attempt to push our failings under the rug. It was more a look at City's on pitch problems compared to ours and how similar they we
  15. A few interesting soundbites from City's first season under Pep. Drawing 1-1 at home to Southampton "But there were signs of the home support becoming frustrated with his team's build-from-the-back approach, not least when many could be heard jeering their team off at the break after Stones' error. City lacked aggression and tempo in the opening 45 minutes, allowing an organised Southampton side to contain them and then burst forward on the break." Losing 4-0 to Everton. Sounds a lot like Wednesday night, replacing Sagna with Kovacic's chance. "The Toffees willi
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