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  1. Messi is the best n°10 in the world. After that there's a match between him and Eden.
  2. Sir, your desires are orders. Now, if you could wish for a fourth, from Hazard, it'd be very kind of you.
  3. Don't know, it would be surprising though, it's not the first individual award he receives. I hope he's just tired, and a little bit fed up to be fouled all the time. It's true he has played a lot this season.
  4. It's been a while that he's lazier than usual. Doesn't take on players anymore. Don't know what's wrong with him but I'm honestly worried about him.
  5. Wilian is very prompt to go forward, to run with the ball before anything else, and look for the pass while running, just like he just has with this counter attack. I wish Hazard would do that more, lately he has been lazy I think. He has the ability to run forward with the ball more, he souldn't be taking lessons from Willian but that's what's happening in this match.
  6. Sorry for the long post again Next step in my english improvement : being thorough AND synthetic in my answers
  7. We have just recently been compelled to change the club strategy (basically we're broke) and try and get young talented players on loan. Before that we would rely priorly on our own players, and use loan to fill gaps on the bench with experienced players (recently Joe Cole, David Rozenhal, Ricardo Costa). I remembered lots of Lille fans (I was among them) were disgusted that our club didn't negotiate a deal to get De Bruyne on loan when selling Eden Hazard to CFC. It seemed so... obvious. But it was not in the club development strategy. So actually Lopes is the first young promising player to
  8. Nabil Fekir is very promising, but very hard to read. The thing is nobody had seen him coming, not by youth national teams (algerian and french), not by the press, not even by Lyon's staff. Before Laurent Fournier arrived last summer, previous coach gave more opportunities to the likes of Benzia and Ghezal who are approximately the same age, and were considered more promising talents. It seems impossible that no-one had seen him coming given the talent he has displayed this season. Something just ticked in him and he found all the keys to unleash his game. And I'm not really for overhyping an
  9. Any time ! My fee is 100£ every 5000 characters
  10. It's fun because the last "next Zidane" (before Nabil Fekir) was actually supposed to replace Hazard in the team I support in Ligue 1. He is Marvin Martin, just broke the assist record of the league history, scored two goals for his first appearance in the NT just like Zidane... He's been in Lille for 3 years now, still hasn't scored any for us, spent most of the time injured, has lost all his market value
  11. Fact 1 : Hazard and Neymar are both incredibly gifted players. Fact 2 : It seems that none of them has reached his ceiling yet. Fact 3 : Hazard and Neymar, while playing in the same area (left-wing), endorse a completely different role for their respective teams. In fact, they could very well play in the same team without treading on each other's toes. Fact 4 and the most important one : not only it is impossible to figure out which one is better than the other, it is completely nonsensical. I will say this though, I only know Neymar, the player. But I know Eden Hazard, the person. And I da
  12. Mata was in charge of all free-kicks and corners, Hazard is not.
  13. Being a huge fan of Hazard, I have to agree with this. Football is a very complicated game, even if constantly being falsely simplified by our dumb medias. Which leads our simple minds to sum up players to their easiest things to understand : number of goals and assists. Forgetting so many things (mainly that football is a collective sport and can be played, as a team, in very different manners and there's no consensus over one particularly better manner), our dumb brains still want to hierarchize, individualize and say who's better than the other. Whereas the plain truth is that it is impos
  14. It's not confidence it's just caution. Once you have tricked the GK there is no need to risk missing the target. Actually two GKs in Ligue 1 thought they had found the key to Hazard's pens. Memo Ochoa after Eden already got him with a panenka earlier in the season, decided not to move until after the shot. The idea was to unsettle Hazard during his run, make him improvise and then miss. You'll see in this video what was Hazard's answer to this strategy. Watch the two penalties in this video at 3:56 and at 4:22, you'll be less worried about Hazard being outsmart at the penalty game
  15. Courtois Azpi Zouma Terry Luis Fabregas Matic Cuadrado Hazard Willian Costa
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