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  1. Good luck for the future Salomon!
  2. Yeah,his last two season´s weren´t very good,but some Chelsea Fans forget what he had done for the club since his arrival.
  3. Don´t forget that he was a very important player in the 2009/2010 double season.He´s very underrated by some Chelsea Fans :-(
  4. I hope Eddie will stay at Chelsea,he and Roberto di Matteo are a perfect team.
  5. I think the ´11´ would be better on a striker´s shirt like Sturridge.
  6. I can´t understand why some people wan´t him to leave.Okay,he had few really worse games,but I think he´s a good squad player and is an excellent Back Up.He played really well in both games against Barcelona.
  7. Beigl

    Didier Drogba

    Ciao Drogba you will be forever in our hearts :-)
  8. If Essien leaves and Robbie wouldn´t plan with Lampard in the Starting XI,i wish Chelsea would sign him because he has some good Qualities and can read a game.Cabaye also can create a game from the deep.
  9. I think he´s to old and the board gave their wohle confidence in Nando,so they wouldn´t buy the best striker from the Bundesliga
  10. The last 7 Matchday´s will be very difficult
  11. I hope Chelsea sign Debuchy because Ivanovic need´s a challenge Right Back.
  12. What would you think of Yohan Cabaye? If Essien would leave Chelsea and di Matteo don´t plan with Lampard in the starting XI,the french international would be a good replacement.He can read a game and is a very good freekick and penalty taker.He played very well yesterday and had a good debut season at Newcastle.
  13. Yes,di Matteo should haven been axed,Chelsea didn´t win any trophy...I´m so happy that he has got the job,in my opinion he´s the right man for it.
  14. I think Debuchy would brought more qualitiy to our squad than Gregory van der Wiel.The Ligue 1 is a better league than the Eredivise and he played a lot better at the European Championship.He´s more experienced,too.
  15. Still an amazing feeling. Your country,your city,your field, our trophy
  16. Poor Gary I hope he get well soon,before the pre season starts
  17. How many Barclays Premier League Titles does Liverpool have?
  18. BREAKING NEWS:Hazard forgot his Twitter password
  19. I hope Chelsea sign Hulk,he is a really good and strong player and only 25 years old.He can score from everywhere like today against Denmark.Such kind of player is missing with the leave of King Didier Drogba.
  20. I hope Robbie will stay at Chelsea because i everybody in the club likes him an he give the players a good spirit. And i don´t want to see Guardiola at Chelsea
  21. I hope Bruma have his breakthrough this year in Germany,so that he could be the Backup for our Central Defenders.
  22. If Terry would be banned because of the racism story,i would prefer to buy a new defender,except the new manager would trust Tomas Kalas´.
  23. I think Malouda should leave Chelsea,because he isn´t that creative player like two years ago,the other thing is that he is too slow for a winger.Maybe Anzhi or PSG make an offer...
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