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  1. He has played in a friendly against the USA, but hasn't been selected since then. Biggest reason in my opinion is that he was really needed with the U21 national team, while he would be nothing more than a (very good) substitute in the national team. Normally he will just not make the squad for the World Cup, but one or two injuries could do it for Thorgan to be in the squad. These are the players that might be selected and how i would rank them (the best players first). GK: Courtois, Mignolet, Casteels RB: Vandenborre, Meunier CB; Kompany, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Van Buyten, Alderweireld, Lomb
  2. Thorgan says in this post-cupmatch interview (in French) it's time to leave Zulte, and he says that he has told Chelsea he wants to go to Anderlecht as soon as possible. http://www.sporza.be/cm/sporza/voetbal/Jupiler_Pro_League/140115_Hazard_wil_weg Personally i'd rather like him to stay at Zulte, okay they've lost their second best player with Malanda but he's the real leader of the team and makes his teammates playing better. In Anderlecht there's more concurrention (Praet, Bruno), although he should be able to play every game since he's simply the best player in the Belgian League. So proba
  3. 250 pages of posts for a player that played in three PL games for Chelsea, not bad. Everyone seems to be happy with the millions coming in, but I just hope that his next step after Wolfsburg will be Bayern or Real and not Arsenal or ManUtd, because I don't want to see him helping them at winning titles. Such a great player. His vision on the pitch combined with passing, shooting and dribbling skills, very special player. We're still gonna hear a lot about this kid. How wonderful would it be if he'd score the winning goal in that one important match in July in Rio de Janeiro. I would say it wou
  4. And Bossaerts, playing for City since this year. A really impressive centre back. There's also Siebe Schrijvers of course.
  5. No own topic, so I post it here. Thorgan Hazards first goal for Zulte-Waregem, the Belgian team that is playing really really good at the moment. 0:58 for Thorgan's goal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtKQEZDYabQ Keep watching till the end btw, phe-no-me-nal goal of Mbaye Leye.
  6. I absolutely don't regret choosing this username when I signed in here a couple of months ago!
  7. Then again: De Bruyne played in Genk in a 4-4-2 system. The first two years as a left winger, which he did great. The last year as a CENTER (so not attacking) midfielder (however with a player next to him that was a bit more defensive than him), which he did phe-no-me-nal. Maybe his best position is the 10, but he's also capable to play reaaally good at the 8.
  8. I don't know the qualities of McEachran, but I know he hadn't proved anything in first league football when he went to Swansea. De Bruyne is a different story: he has been the best player in the third-fourth best team in Belgium, for three years in a row! It's almost impossible he wont succeed in a team like Southampton. Southampton is not that much better than Genk, but the good thing will be that he can play against Man U and Arsenal, instead of Westerlo and OH Leuven. It will be very good for his development.
  9. This is ridiculous. Might be the only European supercup he'll ever play and it would be a great experience for him.. Unbelievable move by Chelsea.
  10. Sturridge prefers playing as a striker instead of a winger. Thereby, De Bruyne kan also play as a CM.
  11. Lukaku have said like 29 times that 'it was the best day of my life.' Even when his younger brother made his debute for Anderlecht.. Where do you guys think he should go on loan next year? I personally dont hink a team like Fulham or Everton would be the best option, because I dont think he'll play Dempsey, Jelavic,.. out of the team. So if he goes on loan to play 20 minutes every week, he's better off staying at Chelsea, where atm he's the second striker after Torres. But probably a team like Stoke or Southampton will be better for his evolution, especially when Chelsea signs Hulk.
  12. I rate Witsel, Dembele and Hazard higher at the moment, but KDB is certainly one of the three subs. De Bruyne is good, but he needs more match experience. Maybe a loan to Twente or Lille will be the best option next season.
  13. Yeah i know, i just wanted to create a Belgian Central Midfield but this will be more realistic for the 5 midfield positons: Ramires - Fellaini (Mikel) Marin (De Bruyne) - Hazard - Mata When Chelsea can sign Hulk, i think De Bruyne should be loaned out to maybe FC Twente or something. I also think it's better not to switch Hazard and Mata. Mata has impressed me more on the left side (also in Valencia he did well there, however Silva played also a lot at this position), and i just think Hazards best position is the number 10-role. I saw someone compare him to Ribéry, but thats ridiculous. For
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