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  1. Onana seems like another panic buy at GK... is there any other options at GK?
  2. Omg is it really happening?! I can't believe is really happening! Finally Torres is leaving this is a dream come true ?
  3. Did we at least have a buy back option just in case this guy becomes a world class player in the future?
  4. In the Reus thread talking about James, talking about Real Madrid, talking about shirt sales, talking about sponsorship deals, talking about math
  5. Why does he bite people though? Like wtf why not punch then or give them a shoulder. Was he a dog in another life or something?
  6. LMAO that is the funniest post I seen on this forum hands down ?
  7. More proof that this guy is just average and is not a world class striker. Stop finding excuses for him being average
  8. How can Man City have 3 world class strikers in the same team, Aguero, Dzenko, and Jovetic. And we cant have a world class strikers and lukaku?
  9. Costa is not a world class striker, he is overrated and people keep defending him like he is Pele. He is not a striker that can create something out of none where like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Suarez and so on. Most of his goals are simple tap ins. He is not a big game player, and has a horrible attitude.
  10. Im going to keep saying it and say it again, Costa is OVERRATED. One season wonder, he has nothing special and scores sweaty goals. Hopefully we dont buy him. Another Torres in the making
  11. Can someone tell me what the L means when he celebrates?
  12. Man of the match against Croatia?
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