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  1. Any english stream or sopcast link with good quality?
  2. I'm going to be making a new banner in time for Southampton away. Just wondering does anyone have any ideas for it? I was thinking something based on Lampards goal tally / contract or for Mata or Hazard seen as they've been the centre of praise.
  3. Comes up with some shite from Made In Chelsea, and Torres holding a golden boot...maybe the golden boot is the error.
  4. It was a protest of silence lads, relax.
  5. Source : SkySports.com
  6. Maybe this answers the question? http://www.chelseamegastore.com/stores/chelsea/products/kit_selector.aspx?pid=114067&portal=&cmp=
  7. Will we be wearing this seasons jersey for the final (Blue & White) or the new blue and gold? I assume it will be this season but I just want to make sure.
  8. Allianz Arena, Munich...that's if I can take my hands away from my eyes and bare to watch!
  9. Let's hope they do all come to Ireland, cause we have none at all at the moment
  10. Rip off of a place anyway, what do they expect when you can go to a shop down the road and get the same game for 10-15 quid cheaper?
  11. Can't see us finishing 4th at all now. If we had of won yesterday then we would have been odds on to do it, but its really not looking good now with our run in.
  12. http://asialivestream.com/freefootball.php?channel=england5923
  13. Any non Sopcast streams with english commentary?
  14. Wilshire, as much of a wanker that he is, he's a quality young player.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=768h3Tz4Qik
  16. They can keep Nasri, we should just give them 20 mil to take Kalou!
  17. Got one myself a few months ago, never going to buy a windows again. Absolutely love it, runs so smooth with everything i need, no jumps in any of the dj or producing software and the screen res is just amazing. Best buy I have ever made.
  18. Just looks like a lanky string of piss acting like a muppet, we all do it!
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