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  1. Is CHO really making more than Kante?
  2. I was looking at this intently to see how he interacted with the trophy. My man just tapped it and kept it moving. Legend.
  3. Better than Mak ever was IMO. Generational talent. If he can win the Euros next month then you have to give him Ballon. He should have the Ballon without it honestly.
  4. Timo movement has been amazing though TBH. If he could finish he'd be the no.9 of our dreams.
  5. He was always a baby face here. Looking at that face now....its lived life. He looks 29 going on 40 now.
  6. Here comes Ziyech....it just keeps getting worse.
  7. This squad would get smashed by city next weekend. You gotta bring Kai in.
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