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  1. Cant Believe Kai didnt score there.
  2. Rudiger stared Ramos down there. He's really in the zone tonight.
  3. Look at Kante reaction when the goal goes in.
  4. What a save Mendy!!! We need a striker man.
  5. We look good tbh. Need a goal to show for it.
  6. Why the hell is he running Kante into the ground for this match that is over?
  7. Who do you take out to make room for him?
  8. Kai is on a hat trick....Hell has frozen over lmao.
  9. Ziyech and Werner really work well together.
  10. You didnt expect a kid who hasnt played to come out shaky?
  11. Needs to check his wife. Everybody knows Timo sucks, but she doesnt need to be passing that type of energy into social media either.
  12. It was Iva if I remember correctly.
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