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  1. we need to go out all guns blazing, score once or twice early and turn SJP into a cauldron of hate. dont think their players would be able to handle that pressure right now
  2. wow...everytime I come on here it's not long before I'm reminded why i stopped frequenting this site
  3. only found a shocking quality stream. I thought this was suppoed to be on Benfica TV?
  5. who's doubting him? Mata's universally loved on here
  6. good news. always been impressed by based Chalobah. tbh thought he would be in the first team as 4th choice this season but loan is definitely better than 5th. would expect him to return and become 4th or even 3rd in the pecking order next season.
  7. he might turn out to be a revelation for them this season I was watching their game versus Atlético and it felt like he was involved in all their attacks. He was running, passing and dribbling well but sometimes he stayed on the ball too long and his decision making let him down, not unlike we've seen at Chelsea. Tonight he scored, only caught the 2nd second which was great work by Marin. Ran with the ball against their area, passed it and had it returned in the box. Went past their keeper and simple enough finish. Dont know how he played tonight otherwise besides that he scored another goal
  8. well im sure Wenga is happy. Rooney not interested in going to Arsenal and they don't have to fight us for Suárez signature
  9. wow my opinion is either you need to take high horse stance of both JT and Suárez being scum of the earth racists or look at the incidents as being way overblown due to the extremely sensitive question of racism in football. to be honest I don't see how you can possible say Suárez is a racist but JT is not? as been said 'negrito' is not a racist term in south america but you would be hard pressed to not believe Suárez wasnt trying to get a reaction from Evra, thereby making it racial JT saying black cunt is obviosly racial too no matter if it was said in anger, frustration whatever doesnt mean
  10. since you now have the ability to see when you're being insulting that must mean you have a personal vendetta with me to still be annoyed with smiley faces being posted months back Oh deary me Kojo... a tiger never changes his stripes eh
  11. yes I remember your postings have always constituted a beacon of light and intelligence on this forum
  12. well old chap I for one am glad we have such great judges of characters on board. maybe you can scout other leagues for us and then tell us who's good and who's bad so the club knows which players are allowed to be brought in.
  13. well I can see how some might've taken offence at me writing "laughing stock of the league". this was tongue in cheek buy maybe not as obvious as I intended,, even if we were to cough up a 100 millions for a Rooney deal and he would flop I would hope we wouldnt become a laughing stock as for your quotes of mine, well just tried to inject some comedy into a heated discussion
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