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  1. Oh and one more side point: it's quite depressing reading about UEFA threatening to relegate teams and ban players when their money is at stake whereas we've been hearing for years that the height of their powers is a few thousands pounds fines when dealing with racism in the game...
  2. Hello Came back to read what everyone was thinking about this and thought I'd throw in my two cents. I think as several here already said that the initial negative backlash is to be expected and most likely already calculated by the 12 clubs. I also think that UEFA have a lot less power in this than they think and that their initial response basically showed all their cards to everyone. I genuinely think that this will go through and the 12 or 15 will get what they want. Side note: The hypocrisy of the Premiere League condemning a bunch of big clubs creating a break-away leagu
  3. How is his English already better than Conte's? Obviously, we still need some work, especially in defense, but I think the biggest tactical challenge still is how to get Jorginho and Kante to play together. Sarri's system requires Jorginho to play alone in defensive midfield and I'm still not convinced that Kante can play anywhere else which is a huge problem because he is our second best player after Eden.
  4. Hi! I'm just stopping by to say that I REALLY like Jorginho!
  5. How did we look LESS likely to score against them than when Conte put all 11 players in the 30 meters in front of our goal?!
  6. Hey guys! Anyone got a link to watch/download this by any chance?
  8. I'd like to emphasize that all the talk of the so-called "Pee Tape" are completely unsubstantiated...
  9. Fake news! I left because I didn't want the sex scandal between me and you to get out! It was in the best interest of the forum....and any one who's ever seen how either of looks and has any imagination
  10. Think Torres vs Valdez at the Camp Nou, except Morata missed.
  11. Bad finishing. Lacking final ball. They have 10 in and around the box. Ref is having a mare.The crossing from our wingbacks has been at 2013-Ashley-Cole levels bad. A combination of the above.
  12. lol where are the people who wanted us to get Renato Sanchez on loan in the summer??
  13. Probably did enough to get more than a point, but given the Spurs result I'm content with a draw. Tbh, and I've probably been saying this for 3 seasons now, the realistic target for us is top 3/4 and challenging for the title is not really possible unless we exceed a lot of expectations and go on some amazing run.
  14. Definitely conceding before HT if the momentum doesn't shift a bit.
  15. CHOULO19


    Where would Mata even play in this formation? My best guess would be in Cesc's place in a 3-5-2, but even there I would rather Drinkwater than him, not because he's a better player but because he fits better.
  16. Yeah, I'd never thought I'd be advocating for Cahill to continue starting matches, but the back 3 looks very good and settled at the moment, would be insane to try and change it.
  17. CHOULO19


    Ahead of Essien and Ballack
  18. I don't think I've ever seen him more angry and less subdued after being kicked down by the opposition.....I love it!
  19. Is it me or does Cahill look more settled and assured next to Andreas than he does next to Luiz?
  20. If it weren't real, it would be hilarious. Actually, it's funny either way! The rumors are that macron is there to try and get them to release Hariri (our PM). But the thing is, Hariri is a Saudi citizen (dual national) and was already mostly their puppet. He is the leader of the biggest Sunni party in Lebanon, but apparently he hasn't been extreme enough for their taste (who is??!) and has tried to distance his party too much from religious fanatics, so they took him hostage, forced him to announce his resignation and were trying to replace him with his brother who they think they c
  21. Not sure where to put this as it is not directly related to our ladies team: http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41915005?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_match_of_the_day&ns_source=facebook&ns_linkname=sport But the lack of attention this whole issue has received is just appealing and speaks more than the actual racial abuse she suffered itself. And the FA should be absolutely ashamed of the way they 'handled' this.
  22. Saudi Arabia is holding our PM hostage (as in literally, not politically)! https://www.rt.com/news/409320-saudi-arabia-lebanon-hariri/
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