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  1. Flog him. Ask for obscene money and cash in on the myth. He has had one remarkable season among promising to downright disappointing ones. He came with the promise of one day being Ronaldo/Messi level which he will never be.
  2. I don't know who the next Chelsea manager will be but he's getting sacked anyway so who cares? Who will the one after that be? And so on...
  3. Hard luck for Everton conceeding a blatantly offside goal, but we're due a poor decision or 10 so I'm happy enough. Frustrating how when we can be decent when it suits us but more often than not just aren't.
  4. Before, we were garbage but had a coach who was world class and could potentially kick on with new personnel. Now we're just garbage from bench, to back, to front.
  5. Not sure why Oscar and Pedro are coming in for so much criticism today. Don't think any of the squad have looked bad since the first goal.
  6. Lets compare Holland and Hiddink, if some of you want to.Holland: 3 points in 1 PL game. Thats 3 points per game. Hiddink: 2 point in 2 PL games. 1 point per game. So, Holland was better than Hiddink. It's fun, this game of selectivism... I mean, sure, but it's not exactly simple is it? Otherwise every team would do just that and we'd have 20 teams competing for the title every year.
  7. This is sort of the issue. Many of us looked at Hiddink's appointment with scepticism. That is, we didn't expect him to wave the magic wand, in fact, we didn't expect much at all. Post Chelsea what has he done to make us believe he has the ability to turn this lot around? And it's not like he was left with a bunch of scrubs during his first spell. He is well thought of here because of that first stint however that period would seem to be an exceptional case given everything since.Naturally I hope he does get this lot working together and getting results but the early signs aren't good. Folks o
  8. Been asking mysef that quite a bit recently.I like his posts because they're never reactionary or full of hyperbole like 90% of the posts on here. His thoughts are usually well thought out and as he said himself earlier never black and white.
  9. This forum doesn't deserve the logic and sense that Ossie the King brings. Top contributor.
  10. Except if you read my posts on this site you'll see I don't totally absolve Mourinho. There are still people on here crying about Mourinho despite the fact he's gone, however.And with that in mind, the one constant in our shit run is not Mourinho because he is gone now. It's the squad. I accept that it's still early for Guus, but if the end of the season approaches and we still haven't improved then I think that's all the vindication José needs. New manager syndrome is enough to keep team from relegation nearly every season yet we're still bollocks.
  11. And yet we weren't this bad for 3 years. Spooky.It won't matter though, cause if we're still woeful by the end of the season after Guus has had time to lay his mark it will still be Mourinho's fault according to people on here.
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