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  1. I dont know whether Pat Nevin has credible sources to make such insinuations, but the larger point is Mourinho is gone, whether he was sacked rightly or wrongly is a different issue. Once he is gone this whole mud slinging on who is to blame for the debacle is such a pointless activity. Now everyone gets a clean slate as Abramovich himself stated and it is only fair we also give it to the team. On another note why isn't it possible for the team to just perform badly without any bad apples? It is sports for christsake every team goes through these phases. Sometimes things don't just add up lik
  2. Very rarely do I comment in this forum . I am not pro fabregas, but the stick that he gets is so undeserved. You just have to look at the recent Spain game against England to know his quality. This is a worldclass playmaker. But admittedly Cesc's recent form has been poor due to two reasons. He is overburdened, has too much gametime with no rest whatsoever. Against Leicester he had legs after subbing in and you could see the quality and impetus he could provide. Ultra Defensive Tactics focused on making as few mistakes as possibles rather than creating as many opportunities as possible. This i
  3. The most damning statistic of the match was not that we had 35 odd shots, but that west ham only 1 shot.While their ultra defensive attitude was the primary reason. I think as most would agree we just have a tactic and defensive shape that is more aligned towards defensive solidarity than attacking play like Liverpool or City.Latter 2 s tactics are spot on when they face these teams.But my question is when the opponent has only 1 shot the entire match, why not compromise on some stability and commit men forward.Although hindsight is wonderful i will argue was mourinho really expecting a big Sa
  4. His fitness is a major issue. Faded out badly both in newcastle game and today in the second half. I think if at all he makes it here he will be more of an impact sub like hernandez . Give him 30/45 mins to go all out ,like steve clarke did he will be most effective.
  5. I dont know if someone has pointed this out, but every one of the league winning teams for the last 4 seasons have either lost or drew at Goodison park. United lost last season, City before that and we lost in our double winning season. So overreactions are unwarranted, and for the superstitious fellas you can even consider the loss as a good omen for the season.
  6. Three things 1) People forget he is homegrown , one of the main reasons we bought him. We are struggling to fill the quota and when lamps, cole and terry leave I expect the problem to be compounded. Probably the main reason we were after rooney. 2) He is direct similar to schurrle albeit a bit inconsistent and these 2 are the only pure wingers in the squad. I think we may need moses if god forbid schurrle becomes injured or may be even loses form. The little I've seen of willian he too is a play maker and for jose's counter attacking style we need off the ball runners, moses is ideal for jose'
  7. Cole had a shocker of a game. For a team having 70% possession the first overlapping run he made was in the 93rd minute. No wonder he doesnt cross. His attacking play is virtually non existent. Rather have bertrand. Part of the reason why the midfield was congested was because the full backs did not provide width. I hope we get a new lb next season.
  8. Part of the reason why we've been struggling is because of this guy's absence.Moses provides balance to our team. He is a first team player. Whether he is good enough or not is debatable but he can hold up the ball and in the second half arsenal game he would have been ideal.
  9. Atleast he will get some much needed rest . If I am not mistaken Hazard has pretty much played in every 1 of our games, he needs rest and has got one
  10. KDb is the closest we have to a lampard replacement. Oscar is more of attacking mid who can do a job in the pivot. Josh i dont think will make it(atleast for next 2 seasons). Kdb will be given chance next season in lamps position if it doesnt work out we'll buy someone.
  11. could well turn out like anelka so definitely worth the punt
  12. Ever since the Falcao rumors started surfacing, I was quite sure they were all media driven BS, I thought our board after Shevchenko and Torres would never throw cash again in Jan, guess I was/ am wrong. I was naive enough to not understand that FFP is a mythical entity and was never to going to materialize. So now we are sure almost to get falcao, there are several qns I want to ask board (I know they wont see this but anyway ) 1. Is falcao really worth 50m? (tradeoff b/w goal scoring record and age) 2. Is'nt Atletico's style of play better suited to him, can it be matched with Chelsea?(wa
  13. I totally agree I thought he looked good today. You cant complain against him wandering off we were playing leeds not atletico madrid. Someone should have covered him Btw Ivanovic was absolutely woeful, before he scored.
  14. He has a point mikel ramires, luiz, hazard torres, mata and oscar have been playing 2 matches a week since september with a occasional rest here and there.Naturally we have looked tired in passing and movement, hence lack of goals. Another thing personally i dont like mata oscar hazard playing together, all 3 of them are effective only in the centre. Our attack becomes very imbalanced when all three start. RB went for bertrand as an option but he was never more than a solid lb. One of marin or moses should start winnable games in my opinion. It is a myth that torres is the only problem right n
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