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  1. Confirmed. Matic wants Hiddink sacked #PlayerPower #rats
  2. I know. I was just thinking: "look at them, playing turgid football, led by an egomaniacal has-been manager who has earned his post on past successes and who is now playing players out of position or playing fellow has-been players, who has either sold the brilliant attacking players at his disposal or turned them into mindless defensive drones and who thinks that sterile possession equals domination and thus labels every defeat as undeserved" Then reality hit me
  3. Watched Man U this weekend, thought "Well at least we aren't playing the worst football in the league" Then tonight happened...
  4. Hazard to head home an Iva cross, mark my words
  5. Bertrand: De Bruyne dazzled us at Chelsea training “It’s so easy for everyone to say how much he has improved since leaving Chelsea but the truth is he always had it. He just, for whatever reason, was not given the opportunity to show it at Chelsea.” http://www.squawka.com/news/bertrand-de-bruyne-dazzled-us-at-chelsea-training/532202#dww1osi2ivZY3gRq.99
  6. That damned Tottenham seems to have been so pivotal in a bad way. But how? Did something happen there? I vaguely seem to remember Mourinho being absolutely furious after that game declaring he would restrict a lot of the attacking plays and focus more on defense. I can be completely wrong about this and I can't find this interview on the net, but it seems to be in accordance with our, erm.., 'style' of play after that. Edit: I seem to have mixed up the tottenham game last year with the COC defeat to sunderland the year before . (http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/dec/18/jose-mourinho-c
  7. So... November is supposed to be our worst month right? *shudders*
  8. I think you were missing the point of his post since it wasn't directed at you.
  9. I know. But normally it the manager should be at the front defending the club (not necessarily the players) in the media. As the manager it is primarily HIS job explaining why it went wrong . The fact that he can't/doesn't want to right now is a testament to 1) how much he already fcked up in the media 2) how little control he has over himself during these interviews and/or 3) his cowardice for for not wanting to explain his own antics.
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